What satan Be Like After I expose The devil (Image)

What the devil be like after I write about satan on the Soulja of Hope website. Oh the devil hates it when I expose satan for who he really is and that is weak because Jesus Christ is almighty and powerful unlike satan. Check out the post this image is in reference to. (There is more content below)

I encourage to sing along in worship unto Yahweh, and raise both of your hands towards Heaven while singing along; because the devil hates that because it is a weapon against satan.


Abba (Father) thank you for this online platform to lift praise unto you Lord, Father (Yahweh) thank you for all you have done for me and the rest of Souljaz of Hope. Lord I pray this platform blows up with popularity so nations will come to know about Jesus Christ, Oh Father I don’t just ask this I proclaim this in your mighty power… Lord the popularity of this platform is “NOTHING” if it doesn’t bring praise back unto you Abba. Oh Lord I lift your Souljaz up right now to be encouraged to fight the good fight and I pray and proclaim for lost souls (Unbelievers) to experience your presence through this platform. Bring the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of souls that visit this platform in your mighty name Lord amen.

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  1. Love the song Hosanna. I will have to look it up on YouTube. Thanks so much for sharing. I also like you encouraging people to raise their hands in worship. It always touches my heart to see a man do it. Just something so powerful in it. God bless you as you keep pouring out truths.

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