Readers Choice: Which Avatar Image Goes On SoH Home Page

Hello Soulja Nation, I’m building the Soulja of Hope platform to educate, coach, motivate, individuals and would like to have your involvement with the avatar image choice that gets placed on the home page.

Option 1 (Left)

Option 2 (right)

So, Soulja Nation which one would you choose in the comment section Option 1 (Left) or Option 2 (Right) thank you in advance for your feed back. πŸ˜€


  1. I feel that the Lord has something on my heart to share with you. Serving Him is sometimes like planting a field. When a farmer plants the seeds, he doesn’t stand over it to see if it grows, does he? The farmer plants the seed, waters it, and if he is a smart farmer he prays over it, but then he leaves it alone to see what crop comes from his hard work. But and that’s a big but, he may not always see the crop. It could be that the farmer passes away before the harvest. But, the ground will still yield its crop in its season.
    Please be assured that whether or not you see the crop, that the Word which you have sown is and will be used for the Lord’s glory. The rapture could come and you might not see what your work and walk has done in this earth, but rest assured you will receive a crown for being faithful. (James 1:12, Revelation 2:10) So I just want to encourage you today to keep putting yourself out there. Keep being used by Him. God is in control. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
    Your sister in Christ, Donna

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    1. Hello donna, I know the Lord, is speaking through you with this message… Yesterday morning I and Ana, were talking and I mentioned how S.o.H is like a farmers field for souls and how the writings online and my lifestyle for Yahweh online also in person is like going forth as an spiritual harvester like a “farmer” planting seeds for the Holy Spirit to cultivate…

      Praise you Lord Jesus for this timely message from Donna, πŸ˜€

      God Bless!
      Reaching 3veryone In Godz Nationz

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    1. Thank you! Donna, just as your comment showed up in my notifications I was feeling like giving up thank you for obeying God’s direction to share the video link with me.

      The video sparked new Inspiration within me… I am so humbled by the fact you took the time to obey God’s direction because that video was on target with what I was dealing with within myself.

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      1. I am so glad. I wasn’t hesitant to send because I have seen such growth in you. I thought that couldn’t be for Reign right now. Notice I said ‘I thought’. God knows us so much better than we know each other or our own self. I am glad I was obedient and He used me. All glory is His. I pray you walk in the fullness of His power. Good things are going to happen, just keep your eyes on Him. He loves you so much! Blessings my friend.

        Author Notes (Reign) edited the word “was” and changed the word “was” to (wasn’t)

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