Thank You! From My Heart

Watz Up Soulja Nation! Welcome back I’m happy you have come back! May God, (Yahweh) continue to strengthen you daily. 😀

if you are a new visitor to Soulja of Hope, I would like to welcome you and my hopes are the content her helps you come to know Jesus Better.

I’m So Humbled By Your Visit Here

First off this platform is “Nothing” without Yahweh backing it, but this platform is also “nothing” without you as the reader… Really it is not about me I’m just the willing obedient vessel that writes what the King of kings places on my heart to write. Sometimes that is journal entry’s displaying the behind the scene struggles of being a Christian trying to start a ministry while other times it is content to show others how to become bold for God (Jehovah-Jireh). Do I struggle being one person trying to juggle my personal life as well completing the ministry side aspect of my life. The answer is certainly.

The vision the Lord has placed upon my heart on a soul level is to encourage, motivate, mentor, individuals to accomplish a deeper relationship with God (Yahweh) When I asked God into my life back in 2011 I didn’t know what to expect. I assumed that life would become more easier. Not so at times the devil places a target on you to try and derail your relationship with Yahweh. I know that may sound scary I will tell you first hand at first it was scary for me because, I was losing a lot of battles with satan and now I can say satan is having a rough time attacking me, here Let me show you an example.

I get attacked daily as this platform grows and you may be asking why is satan targeting you (Reign) so much? Well, it is because I refuse to bow to satan and the more I share here about Yahweh I believe the more individuals minds will awaken to His (Yahweh’s) Glorious Righteous love for mankind and satan don’t want that taught to the world he tries to rule over. News flash satan you are on earth for a season Yahweh Rulz over you satan.

Recently I asked the Lord what does being an exhorter (encourage) motivator, and mentor equal into and Yahweh told me the following answer and then confirmed that answer with not just the living word but through Various Souljaz of God and the answer was a “Spiritual Harvester” for the Kingdom of Heaven. The other aspects relate to God given gifts to complete such work.

Reignz Final Words

I enjoy doing the hard work of research and writing in hopes it inspires other individuals to come to Jesus Christ, or to become bolder in their faith walk. I endure a lot behind the scenes at times to shepherd (Lead) individuals to Jesus Christ or to help others become bolder under Yahweh’s Mighty Powers and Authority. Recently I had petitioned in prayer that the Lord would spark a calling in prayer warriors hearts to pray for protection for me and this platform.

I believe God will complete that petition request on his timing I just need to keep doing what I need to do for Yahweh and He will do His part. I say this because faith without actions is dead. Let me show you!

James 2:14-22
Faith and Deeds
14 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?

Oh God has so much wisdom to share and because of the internet we have no excuse to NOT tap into that wisdom. I say this because these past few years I was facing life struggles when the answer was at my finger tips the whole time online with the online bible aspect.

First off you are Essential to God even before covid happen and you are essential to me as well! Most of my life I struggled with confidence and courage. Since God has started to fix those issues within me I am beginning to see great growth within. I told God back in 2015 If, I’m going to lead others on this platform then what I teach others from what most likely I’ve already walked through or something similar so it is organic and truthful struggles that many individuals are facing now or will face at some point in life, Surely Yahweh can handle and fix. I told God in a bold prayer back in 2015 I wanted to push the boundaries and make head way for God’s boundaries to reach the corners of this world. I also told God I want to teach from a standpoint with proven organic results that come from Yahweh (Only) through the Living Word of God. I didn’t fully understand what I was saying or asking for back then and these past 5 years I have walked through so much which can now be teaching material. Oh God you are good all the time even when life on earth feels like hell sometimes.

I’m delighted, I recently petitioned God to drive more traffic here only to promote God that was 2 weeks ago! Website traffic has doubled since that prayer. I’m delighted because I see that God is truly backing this platform and entrusting me to lead. Something I was afraid of completing in the past. I truly do care about the individuals that arrive here in various ways. My heart is delighted when someone interacts with me and I can provide deeper insight or provide prayer. If you would like me to pray with you I encourage you to checkout the contact page. I also encourage you to fill out the form and share with me your prayer request. I will keep the prayer request between the Lord and the person that requested the prayer. Truly if wasn’t for Yahweh first and the readers next then this platform would really be pointless. So with that said I love you with Christ-like love and I hope we can grow together and strengthen each other how Yahweh would like us to according to the living Word of God (Yahweh).

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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