We Need To Promote Each Other To Promote The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Watz Up Soulja Nation! Welcome back I’m happy you have come back! May God, (Yahweh) continue to strengthen you daily. 😀

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The Ministry God Entrusts Us With Is Nothing If We Cannot Promote Other Believers As Well

I’ve Been Promoting Soulja Nation more as of lately, but what does “Soulja Nation” refer to? Well, Soulja Nation refers to the body of the bride of Christ… As Christians we make up the body of the bride of Jesus Christ. Many individual’s minds are waking up to the aspect of church is not just brick and mortar worship assembly of a group of individuals. Yes it is important to gather among believers to worship Yahweh and gather encouragement and strength among other believers. but at some point the true church aspect got distorted because according to the living Word of God, Christians are suppose to be the church a living example of the living Word of God (Yahweh)

When applied to Christians, it refers to those people who are called out of the world into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, in the Bible the word “church” always refers to the body of believers who have given their lives to the Lord, and not to a building in which they may be gathered from time to time.

When Jesus said, “I will build my Church” in Matt. 16:18 He wasn’t talking about constructing a building. He was talking about creating a world wide body of believers.

Quoted From Grace thru faith Source Link (Link opens In New Tab or Window)

A fellow believer by the name of Sophia, stopped by the post about feedback with the business cards I’m creating (actually they have been created and purchased now) this believer stopped by and gave meaningful feedback and I followed up with a reply and this believer of Jesus Christ followed back up with a follow up reply as well, here is a screen grab of the unpublished comment. The comment is unpublished upon taking the screen grab because I have errands to run today and I want to give Sophia, a meaningful reply when I have time to do so.

As you can see in the screen grab Sophia, is sharing her YouTube channel at first I thought that is odd and spammy looking. I have seen my share of spam comments over the years. As I was reading the bible the Lord said the following to me and I must obey Jesus Christ.

God: Hello Son, do you have a moment to chat I know you just woke up but I need to tell you something!

Reign: Yes, Lord; I’m here!

God: Son, please share one of Sophia’s videos on S.o.H, my daughter is faithful and is struggling to get the Gospel out there among the world. I allowed S.o.H to have over 400 followers for my Glory and I would like you to bring notice to her YouTube channel to encourage my daughter she is on the right pathway for me as Her Father as well Lord and Savior.

Reign, Okay Lord?

God: Son, (Reign) I bestowed the gift of S.o.H as a ministry what benefit is that ministry if it doesn’t promote other children of Yahweh? My faithful servant Sophia, entrusted me as Lord and Savior and is doing her part to promote me as Lord and Savior please help Sophia, with her goal and task to promote My Son Jesus Christ.

I Must Obey The Lord!

(Video Posted Below) Before I post the video from Sophia’s YouTube Channel I would like to embark on the topic of ministry and how the Lord wants us to proceed. I’m teaching from a standpoint of being guilty of such with Soulja 4 Christ and that mindset had followed into S.o.H until now. I say now because God has provided wisdom to the error I was operating upon in my mind.

When God provides the opportunity to run a ministry we can fall into the aspect of we are running the ministry from an island aspect. If the body of the bride of Christ is made up as, many body parts then we cannot operate from the island mindset. It is not a race who can teach about Jesus Christ more efficient it is about coming together in the body aspect as whole. As I watched Sophia’s, videos I could see she was early onward making video’s to promote Jesus Christ. As a Believer I must stand behind promoting Sophia’s cause to promote Jesus Christ, because Sophia, is trying to enrich the Kingdom of Heaven and here at S.o.H I am trying to complete the same goal.

The God Minute: YouTube Channel / Website (Links Open In New Tab or Window)

My Final Thoughts On This Subject

Soulja Fam, I must admit I was wrong for assuming that Sophia’s comment looked spam like I say this because the Lord showed me Sophia, was trying her best to Promote Jesus Christ, My stance is corrected by Yahweh and I am humbled by Yahweh’s teachings on the matter of the issue that was going on within me. Soulja Nation I need to keep it 💯 with you. If God is entrusting you to lead a ministry then God is also going to lead other individuals to you and it is our duty as a leader to be on the look out for individuals that have the heart for Jesus Christ and take the stance to utilize the ministry platform the Lord Almighty has entrusted you with to promote other fellow Believers this is not a request it is our duty from Yahweh.

From a human aspect I was entrusted to lead S.o.H, but it is Yahweh’s ministry for He (Yahweh) placed such desire within me while I was in my mothers womb. I encourage ministry leaders to be on the lookout for individuals that are trying their best to promote Jesus from a biblical aspect, I encourage you to use your platform to boost their call from Yahweh. Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ I encourage to advocate through the ministry platform you lead to promote others that are just starting out with their call to action upon Yahweh. Rise Up! lift others up higher than oneself because it is not about the aspect of look at what God is doing with the ministry God has entrusted me with. It is about Lifting Up Jesus Christ and this is completed through promoting the body of Christ in whole.

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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