Soulja Nation Is Becoming Stronger!

Hey! Soulja Nation, I wanted to get on here real quick to say you guy’s rock and are an awesome Soulja Nation community of Yahweh. I was food shopping with Ana, because she cannot read because of the major stroke she had a little over 5 yrs ago and while shopping my iPhone kept alerting me non stop to new notifications it happen to be the WP app and to my surprise I had a notification for the booming traffic badge. Yes, you guy’s were blowing up my iPhone and you guys made that badge happen for Soulja of Hope! I challenge you guys to break the record of 30 per hour because all of you guy’s rock as well are awesome! and surely you guy’s can set a new record amount not for me but for Yahweh so more people will come to know Jesus because of you guys sharing content from here. 😀💯

Soulja Nation, I really appreciate you guys because S.o.H is really nothing first without Yahweh and you guy’s My hopes are you guy’s are being blessed by the content shared here My vision is to build a platform to motivate other individuals to grow closer to Jesus Christ. First and forth most my dream has been for the past 5 months to provide content that will also help individuals that struggle to share the Gospel to have content they can share with others because I was once there because of shyness… If God can take the shyness within me and turn it into boldness I write here God can surely ransform you also!!!

Thank you again everyone for making Soulja of Hope what it is today which is starting to go towards the direction of being an community platform as well to help individuals grow stronger in a relationship with Jesus Christ, the most important aspect!

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Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤


  1. Congratulations on your booming traffic badge! I’m so happy to be part of your excitement. This is just the beginning and there’s much more goodness in store for you. Keep chipping in just the way you are. God will send a wind that will fill your sails.

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