You Are Unique Because Of Yahweh

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Today I would like to encourage everyone that “You Are Unique Because Of Yahweh” For most of my life I have suffered from feeling like a nobody and I would become jealous seeing other people being successful with being themselves and the popularity of the crowd they would draw in. Well, as of lately I’m starting to see that S.o.H is becoming popular and it is truly because of Yahweh and NOT because of me

I use to feel deeply depressed to the point I would feel terrible for days in a row. I would seek to be like the individuals that I felt were successful with being a somebody before others. Well, fast forward many years later and know I’m in a leading position of leading forth the platform S.o.H and now I get approach with individuals saying I wish I could be a somebody like you Reign. I actually hurt inside when I hear others say that to me. I hurt because I was once in their situation wishing like I could be like the somebodies in this world.

Yahweh Brought Me Out Of That Negative Mindset

I truly get it feeling like a “Nobody” most of my life I felt like an outcast like I didn’t belong here on this earth. Well, in 2015 I’ve mentioned this a lot lately I fell to my knees and I said a bold prayer before God on my knees for about 1 hour. I even still felt like a nobody an outcast for many years after that prayer 5 yrs to be exact after that prayer. I’ve since come to the realization I’m a nobody without Christ, because through Jesus Christ I’m a “Somebody” How is that? because through Jesus Christ, and the transformation through the living Word of God I have come to realize I’m unique and no one can fill those shoes but me.

No one can write the content I write here or speak in person like I do. Many can try but they won’t experience the success like I do because they are not me they are unique in their own way through Yahweh and I cannot fill any bodies else shoes as well. Others see me as a “Somebody” now because how I carry myself now and how I manifest positive energy through me towards others now. Some of you maybe thinking how is that Reign? It is because I now know who I am through Jesus Christ and I have become encouraged to live as a somebody so others can see it is possible to go from feeling like a nobody and complete work back unto the Kingdom of Heaven as a “Somebody” because Yahweh sees me as precious somebody just like Yahweh sees everyone else as a precious somebody. So, much so! That Yahweh has made each of us unique but, you have to believe that aspect for the transformation through the living word to take place.

Yahweh Brought This Video To My Attention when I Felt Like A Nobody

I can remember watching the video above and thinking to myself how can a “Nobody Outcast” meaning me, turn into a somebody that leads S.o.H I remember praying back in February I was crying so hard that I ended up passing out because I was so distraught about going from feeling like a nobody to living a leadership stance of being a Somebody through Jesus Christ, Oh I love Ana, deeply after I had come too from passing out I spoke with Ana, and she said Reign “What you going to do about it?” I replied I don’t know the answer and Ana, simply said but God does you need to seek Him through the Word of God to find the answer.

I tried to take to heart Ana’s advice but was coming across roadblocks left and right… Just before the stay at home order was put in place I was shoveling snow and I went into the house to warm up and I started to cry real hard saying Ana, I’ve tried and I just keep failing at it. Ana, right then said Reign you are unique and How are you going to approach that uniqueness? I cried all the more harder because I didn’t know the answer and I was really feeling like a lost nobody at that point of my life and as I passed out from crying so hard my computer was playing Christian music and I had YouTube auto play enabled and when I awoke, I awoke to the following song by Katy Perry “Rise”

Ana, broke out onto the scene and said “See even God is asking you to rise above this defeat” Then Ana, said the following “So Reign Are Going To Rise And Become A Somebody So Other Individuals Can See It Is Possible!Ana, knows if the challenge is right I will accept and accept I did!.

Reign How Did You Do It? To Become A Unique Somebody!

Well, I didn’t really! You might be like huh??? I got out of the way of me and let God shape and mold me and the process had already begun in my mothers womb. I had to accept that Yahweh had already bestowed the Heavenly gifts upon me for such battle and beyond. I started to accept the living Word of God in my life and I started to apply scripture to my daily life routine and now here I am with people looking up to me as a somebody that encourages others to become a Somebody they were always destined to become through Yahweh while being formed in their mothers womb.

Reignz Final Thoughts On The Topic

I had to accept that Yahweh had already seen me as a somebody like the rest of mankind in Yahweh’s eyes, because Jesus died on the cross for a lot of somebodies in this world. (John 3:16) – I had to accept the fact I was called forth by Yahweh to run S.o.H and I must do it like no other person can do that aspect like me. This is where people start to see me as a somebody a somebody that leads S.o.H to bring forth encouragement and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you do or don’t believe me I challenge you to check out the archives page and start form January until now and you will begin see the growth that Yahweh has completed through me and Yahweh can do the same for you as well you have to deeply want to embark on that journey no matter what comes your way.

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤

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