God Please Bless Everyone Today πŸ˜Š

Watz Up Soulja Nation! Welcome back I’m happy you have come back! May God, (Yahweh) continue to strengthen you daily. πŸ˜€

if you are a new visitor to Soulja of Hope, I would like to welcome you and my hopes are the content her helps you come to know Jesus Better.

Good Morning! Everyone and God Bless Everyone as well. Finally the good weather is here! 80 degrees to be exact. Now that warmer weather is here I need to start some of the home projects I and Ana, put off during the cold weather. We have the materials and the energy so we need to dive into those projects. There will be no other posts today and posting may calm down from everyday to every other day or once a week from this point forward because my schedule is becoming more busy with the warmer weather arriving. I have behind the scene ministry projects I’m also trying to complete as well and have been lacking attention lately because of the focus I have placed here lately.

I would Like To Encourage Everyone!

I would like to encourage everyone to keep fighting to grow closer to Jesus, because Jesus Christ, is, the true way of life and according to the bible the only true way of life. If you would like to contact me directly for prayer request or other means listed on the contact page please do so!. If comments are posted I will attend to them later in the day. May God continue to bless you in your continued faith walk… Also thank you to all individuals that have enlisted to fight for our freedom in this country…

John 14:6 (NIV)
6 Jesus answered, β€œI am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Bible: John 14:6

I would like to leave you guys with this encouraging uplighting worship song. I also encourage you to leave a link to your favorite worship song in the comment section the song you choose to leave in the comment section may become featured in upcoming posts with a link back to your website/blog.I request a “Call To Action” To Uplift Yahweh In the comment section because Yahweh deserves such Worship in this world!


    1. Hello Faith W, Thank you for stopping by Thank you for the scripture share and the song link, I’m looking forward to listening to the song on my free time. Keep pressing forward and God will continue to do His part and renew your spirit.


  1. What a sunny and uplifting post, my brother!
    Of course, I’ll have to put my 2cents in for the contest of best worship song of all times πŸ™‚
    There are sooooo many, but if I had to chose my favouritest one, it’s this one – it even matches your topic of the day: joy.
    I loved it long before I got saved, all my life really, it’s quite old, even older than me, lol.
    And it expresses what I deeply came to believe many years later:
    what a happy day when we get saved, the happiest day in the life of every believer,
    oh happy day!
    Thank you JESUS for saving my soul.

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