Motivational Speech From The Heart

I agree that covid-19 has turned all of are lives upside down in some way for many covid-19 is more personal than others because of lost love ones. I would like to take a minute and encourage everyone before covid-19 we weren’t guaranteed tomorrow and for many covid-19 has brought tomorrow to an end. But for us, that are still living can act today to make a better tomorrow not for just us but future generations as well! I’m not trying to convey take lite of covid-19 because it is not a lite matter or issue but we are all on this earth for a reason… We need to pick ourselves back up and unite together and learn to rebuild no matter the pain involved doing so, the saying before covid-19 was,

“What doesn’t harm or kill us can only make us stronger”

There is no better time frame to take this statement to heart and prove this statement to be true so the individuals that have been taken by covid-19 wasn’t taken in vain. We can learn from this, We can rebuild from this! and we can learn to override fear with action and become stronger together to pick up the fallen pieces and put them back together and become a better versions of ourselves in the process. Please share because there is someone out their that needs this message right now.

“What doesn’t harm or kill us can only make us stronger”

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