Sharing What I Wrote On Facebook Today

Hello everyone My hopes are you day is blessed and joyful.

There comes a point in a persons life where they need to stop running from themselves and deal with the feelings that the person has spent years keeping stuffed down. As of one week ago I embarked on this journey and it has been hard dealing with years worth of feelings I tried to hide from. I know in the end I will feel better within and I will be able to grow to be a better version of myself. I want to be a Christian life coach/motivator and if I don’t lead by example then what is that dream worth?

This past week I have come to a deeper realization I need Jesus all the more in my life, because I know I cannot face these feelings alone hence why I choose to stuff those feelings deep within me hoping to never have to deal with those ever again in first place and I get it! and understand I need to draw off Yahweh’s strength to accomplish this task so I can become the version of me I was always intended to be through Yahweh’s eyes..

Quick Announcement About One Of My Previous Posts

I wanted to give out a quick shoutout to another recent post where I asked the S.o.H community to share their favorite worship song. It is “Not” a contest I plan on using all the videos that are in the comment sections in upcoming posts. The only way I won’t be able work down the video list is if I end up with hundreds of comments but if the comment section doesn’t end up like that then I plan to use each video link in up coming posts. I’m offering this opportunity because I would like the community to be engaged with the S.o.H platform I am trying to build from the ground up

I encourage you to go checkout the post details and leave your video link (Here)

Thank you for your time I truly appreciate the time you took to read this post.

R3ign, 💯❤


    1. Thank you Graceland, I look forward to listening to the Worship videos

      Comment edited by Author Reign: Graceland I edited your comment for context and to remove broken second link


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