Encouragement And Morning Prayer May 29

Job 42:2 (NIV)
2 “I know that you can do all things;
no purpose of yours can be thwarted.


Many of us! including myself have big dreams that we would like to bring into reality on this earth. Most individuals are living on a budget from payday to payday like myself as well. Most individuals believe the money aspect can make bringing a dream to reality easier because that is what the world view is but everyone has access to one element that money cannot buy and that is Jesus Christ, as well Yahweh’s, love for mankind. I bring this to attention because of the aspect that most of us fall upon which is the belief of what we are taught in this world about money makes everything easier in life, we as individuals become discouraged and place limits on Yahweh’s Powers and that aspect makes life harder

Soulja Fam, God has something to offer that no money can buy and that is having a relationship. with Yahweh and if we seek Him with all of us all the way down to soul level there is Nothing God cannot do for provisions. For example less than ten years ago I was in debt and debt collectors where wanting their rightful payment but, I couldn’t pay. I fell to my knees and asked God for help I told God I was in a bad life position and I boldly told God if the option of money growing on trees was real I would plant those trees in the backyard. But reality is that the money tree aspect wasn’t an option BUT prayer is!!!. I had $5.00 in my checking account and I needed to buy some cheap item at the time, So, I logged into my checking acct because I didn’t know exactly at the time if I had $5.00 or less and when I opened my checking account I almost had a heart attack because $10,000 was in my account.

Side note: The $10,000 arrived 2 weeks after praying I wasn’t expecting money I was trying to find ways to make a honest earning to pay the creditors but God saw it different than I did at the time frame this blessing took place.

I thought to myself that amount is purely wrong so I called the bank thinking that the amount was placed in my account by accident. The bank said to me Mike, that money is yours it was wired to the correct account credentials we have a number you can call to talk to someone from where the money came from. So, I called the number and spoke with the person on the phone stating that they may have provided $10,000 in the wrong account and that the money was there to take back and the person on the phone said to me Mike, that is truly your money that 10,000 is in the right account. I asked if there was a reason why and the person looked deeper into the computer and found a simple note and the person on the phone replied the following to me

Mike, there is a note here requesting to refer to the person as an anonymous donor that gave you 10,000 dollars through our online money transfer service. I eagerly asked well what does the note say? Well, Mike the note says God is good all the time! Prayer answered because God placed 10,000 on my heart to donate to you. The reason I say God is Good all the time is because God directed me to you through a third party person that had your credentials to receive the 10,000 dollars. I paid off that debt with that 10,000 and bought a computer that started this ministry when the website was called Soulja 4 Christ,

I know this is an extreme example of what God can do through His powers and it isn’t always a money aspect with answered prayers but, we serve a Mighty extreme God, So I encourage you go before Him, (Yahweh) and just pour your heart out to Him, He knows the provisions in your life better than you know… As of right now I am living from payday to payday on a tight budget and I am seeking God will refine my talents and God given gifts to bring forth S.o.H to new heights so more souls can be reached… I don’t need money to complete that I need God to look after the provisions which He has proven to me before Nothing is out of His reach of completion and the same is for You as well God will bring the right people and elements into your life to meet the provisions in your life. Seek God first and all others elements will fall into place.

Matthew 6:33
33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.


Abba, (Father) Thank you, that we have the opportunity to have a deep relationship with you! Lord Father, I lift the readers up to you Father and I request that you look after their provisions that they are struggling to meet right now. Lord, I believe this will happen on your end so Father, I request help these individuals learn how to trust you deeper each day so limits they place upon you Lord, becomes lessen by each day. In your mighty Sons, name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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