New Author Name And Profile Image Explained Part 1

Edit: May Fri 29 2020 9:33PM This post is a deeper explanation of the following website update post

Hello Soulja Fam, Yes, I have been down this route many times before based off my decision making NOT God’s leading. as of recently I purchased business cards 500 to be exact because 4oo extra cards was only $6.00 upgrade cost to get an extra 400 cards which makes them pennies on the dollar. I should have listened to Yahweh about my name on the card but I didn’t listen but it can be fixed for future cards. Without further ado Here is the conversation I and Yahweh had. Please if you haven’t seen the video below please watch first for context into the conversation I had with Yahweh.

Extra tidbit Yahweh presented this video to me a while back and it has been a life changer for me and now another aspect is going to be brought forth in the conversation about the elements of that video message. Please note this conversation with Yahweh took place over a span of previous months. I am now just making that conversation public. I’m also posting the conversation now for it is Yahweh that truly guides the plans of my life

My Conversation With Yahweh

God: Son, do you have a moment to talk?

Reign: Yes, Lord!

God: Son, greetings and blessings from Abba, your Heavenly (Father) I have something to talk to you about that will make you feel uncomfortable at first but if you trust me will make a huge difference moving forward.

Reign: Oh what is that???

God: Your name going forward as well using a image of youself.

Reign: Oh Lord, You know how I feel about this and you are going to asked this of me? Why Not Keep Reign, Why Bring Reign, to my attention back then? also why my face instead of the bitmoji?

God: Son, I knew early onward your free will wasn’t going to align with my will so I provided you a pen name that would encourage you a pen name you could stand by. But you are maturing and with the aspect of maturing there comes a time that the maturing aspect must be displayed through you as a willing vessel for others to be inspired to be themselves through me as their Lord and Savior the great I Am. Using your real first name instead of a pen name as well an image of you will help gain a related relationship between the readers and content you post and in return will draw others towards Jesus.

Reign: Yes, Lord, I remember R.E.I.G.N Acronym (Reaching Everyone In God’s Nations) That is a meaning I stand for and back up, but why Lord must I go through this change again.

God: Again is because I asked you while authoring Soulja 4 Christ, to change to your legal name and to change your profile picture, I do “NOT” go against humans free will it their choice to align that free will with I, the great “I AM” Two choices here son, obey or disobey.

Reign: You say that like the matrix scene with the pill choice. 😒 Pill one “Obedience” Pill two “Disobedience”

God: Son, how’s is it any different from the matrix of the spiritual realm and the physical realm? So, Son, what is it going to be? The pill of choosing my way or the pill of choosing your way? My way truth! Your way disobedience?

Before you choose I would like to share with you and the readers the two legal names you have gone by which I allowed because of the meanings align with the calling on your life it is really like the modern Saul equals Paul situation. You were born as Peter and went to court at the age of 18 and changed your name to Mike, I knew this would happen before you where born and had allowed it through my hands.

Meanings behind both your names

Peter: a rock or stone / Mike: who is like God?

Explanation from your Father in Heaven. I am your Rock foundation and I am your Father mentor and your life represents like Saul, Is Paul, Peter, conceived in his mothers womb with the mindset of a Soulja tough as a rock and Mike, many years later becomes a Soulja leading an calling that represents God, Because your lifestyle now represents, how I am the foundation (rock) unto mankind and How I am a loving God and the Saul is Paul meaning Peter is Mike, represents me in the aspect of a Mighty sovereign God that is the strongest foundation a human can ever find,

So Son, what is it going to be? Are you going to continue as Reign with the meaning of your calling or are you going to change the author name to Mike, the identity I bestowed upon you. Choose with your name response below.

Mike: I choose Mike, I have come to far to disobey. But again why Lord?

God: Mike! Son, because Reign is the meaning of your calling and Mike, is the Identity I have bestowed upon you, Are you asking because you are ashamed of whom I AM?

Mike: Lord, you know the answer before you even asked that question you really going to have me answer that question?

God: Yes Mike, there is individuals looking at this conversation that feel like you had felt and I need you to lead by example I say had felt because by the time this post is published months later you will have conquered this life matter through my powers! Please write the reply as you are still affected by the mind matter so others can relate then provide the solution afterwards.

Mike: Lord, you are really placing me on the spot here. the answer to your above question I’m I ashamed of you Lord, the answer is NO I am NOT ashamed of you. I have low self-esteem towards myself. Lord, you know why but the readers do not and now I must explain the very thing I have ran from all my life because I didn’t ask for it. Why Lord would you have me place this information out there? 😭 Why Must I speak of this pain because for so long I felt cursed by being different than most individuals?

God: Son, it is okay if no one believes you, I believe you because I made you that way!!! please do tell don’t be ashamed or afraid of the gift I bestowed upon you. I did so, as a tool aspect to aid you with your calling. Son, I love everyone and I provide appropriate provisions to help individuals with the calling from Heaven bestowed upon them in their mothers womb. I know you have been mistreated because others were jealous of you or felt threaten by your gift. But I am going to use that gift as a gift unto others to awaken them from their sinful lifestyle and draw them towards my Son, Yeshua, (Jesus Christ) through that gift I bestowed upon you. So I encourage you to explain and take NO credit for the works you complete with that gift for I gave you that gift to honor me with all your soul and that gift will unlock provisions from Heaven you never thought were possible with your finite mind.

Mike: Really I must reveal am I hearing you correctly, Lord, I have been mistreated most of my life because of the misunderstanding of such gift and then I took an overdose in my teenage years and died for 1 hr and the fact my brain lacked oxygen for 1 hr and you rose me up like Lazarus before the doctor after 1 hr of being dead. I must tell when I can see that being dead for 1 hr has affected such gift.

God: Son, have faith share! Have I not been restoring that gift? Share the readers need to understand where you are coming from to feel your passion and what you stand for and for the readers to be lead back the cause of the Soulja of Hope platform. That My Son Yeshua lived and died for. Mike, there is many individuals that go through lack of confidence be an example show them they don’t need your a like gift to achieve confidence but that they can achieve confidence and a better life through me as Lord and Savoir the great “I AM”

Mike: Okay Lord, I will obey and I will explain more in Part 2 but this isn’t easy for me I have been rejected most of my life and mix with confidence issues makes a recipe for not a good out come.

God: Please have FAITH! 😀


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