Quick Website Update Announcement

Blessings and Greetings! Hello Soulja Nation! I’m honored to be able research and write for you guys, all Glory unto Yahweh. These past ten years I have been blogging here at WP.com and out of the many websites I have authored or helped others author and manage I, must say my passion to write is most fulfilled authoring S.o.H and that is because of truly Yahweh. My hopes are that the readers here at S.o.H becomes enriched by the content here and that your relationship with Jesus Christ, also becomes more enriched as well.

Today I’m coming to you guys because of months worth of prayer and seeking the Lord Yahweh in many aspects and today I would like to write about about website announcement that Yahweh has displayed to me will help the growth of S.o.H in many aspects. So, without further ado the update message is below.

Two Permanent Changes Going Forward.

Yes, I am guilty over the years going by many pen names and that is coming to a stop! Going Forward my author name will simply be my name “Mike” I’m also guilty of many profile picture (avatar) changes as well. That is also coming to a stop as well, I’m going forward using an image of me as well, more written content below.

New Name And WP Profile Image

Explanation Why I avoided This Change For So Long 😞

I’m in the progress of writing content that will explain in more detail of why the change with the name and image and why for so long here on WP.com I would hide my real face by using other images other than my own face… It has to do with many internal scars I have had to heal from before I could make such move to replace my pen name and the previous image with an image with my face. It may be a little while before the posts are published because the post became so long in the editor I now need to break that one post into multiple posts.

I apologize that I don’t have a more detailed explanation and it breaks my heart I don’t have that information ready. I want that information to bring light to the situation and while I started to write the information the Lord Yahweh, asked me if the Holy Spirit could take over and I said yes and the post details became hard to deal with at times. I found myself crying a lot while writing the post I now need to break down into more than 1 post. I will link the initial post here when it becomes available (I will actually be working on the post after I publish this one) Part 1

No More Home Page (landing page) For Now, Idea Not Off The Table At This Point

If a reader now clicks on the home menu link they are redirected to my most recent postsnow. The way it was set up due to limitations with WordPress.com it was causing confusion for some readers how to find the most recent content. So, the homepage content probably be converted into an about page.

What About The Bitmoji Images?

Unless God says otherwise they are staying within the post content aspect but is no longer going forward to be used as my profile avatar here or on any other S.o.H profile. I’m in the process of self learning how to create a logo for the website and that logo going forward will be used for the various S.o.H profiles and future business cards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this website update I really appreciate you stopping by may God’s blessings upon you today will begin to spark a deeper joy within you and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

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