Quiet But Not Done! And Not Giving Up!

Greetings and Blessing Everyone,

Mike, Behind The Scenes Hard At Work

I would like to let everyone know that this website will see a slow down in post frequency for a while. This is because I have some projects I need to get done to uphold my promise of dedication to get such projects done that I couldn’t get done due to winter weather at the time.

(Update:) I will be revealing soon in the part 2 post of the explanation of why now I went with my name and an image of me, When I reveal the gift God gave me most will have a hard time believing because how society in “Whole” thinks in an unified manner. Most of my life I’ve been emotionally beat down because I do things in a manner that don’t make sense to the mass of individuals in mass unified thinking pattern.

As of Lately I have been working With Yahweh to go over my life with a fine tooth comb questioning everything in my life so I can become more refined for The Kingdom of Heaven to bring Honor unto Yahweh on a more deeper level each day. For such example when I tackle hard projects, I like to block out white noise around me and I do so, by listening to sound patterns on repeat so I can become hyperfocus within my mind because when I go into hyperfocus mode within my mind I get things done more efficiently.

Example of repeated noise pattern to block white noise around me, A lot of people know the song Hustlin by Rick Ross, I don’t agree with the words but I love the beat so I will play the instrumental beat on repeat and think within my mind I’m hustlin 4 tha Lord with everything I do in life.

At first Ana, found this aspect about me and how I operate to be odd and this aspect use to annoy Ana, but she has seen how when I hyperfocus within my mind that I get more things done throughput the day! So, now Ana, invites me to put one beat on repeat or to have a bunch of beats in a playlist on repeat because it helps me to block all other white noise elements around me out due to I’m easily distracted if I don’t block out the white noise around me. .

Today’s theme for me to hyperfocus is “Hustlin” because I’m grinding to get overdue projects done So, I’m hustlin unto the Lord as I think within my mind how I can take His (Yahweh’s) lead to hustle or another phrase be on my grind 4 tha Lord. More Content below video

Many think of Hustlin, as a bad term but that is because how word term has been conveyed in a public manner for the mass of individuals. Hustlin, or Grind, has a lot of meanings behind those words but the core value meaning is going hard with oneself to get the much needed work done and these overdue projects is where the Lord is leading me right now to get done. So, I’m going to get on my grind after writing this post to complete as many projects I can today, since I’m going to tackle some small projects today.

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