National Guard Being Deployed Our City Going On Lock Down (Curfew) For The Next 48hrs

Hello everyone I found a news article (link below video) that states our city mayor has enacted curfew for the next 48 hrs from 7Pm -5am My heart is truly saddened by the death of George Floyd, but these riots I don’t believe the family and friends of George Floyd, want because these riot mayhems is not solving the issue that brought George Floyd’s death about. I agree that George Floyd, and his loved ones are true victims of his wrongful death. but more victims are being made during these riots all over the united states and I don’t believe that rioting is going to bring justice to where it truly belongs which is the individuals that are involved with George Floyd’s wrongful death…

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Souljaz of Christ after I publish this post I am falling to my knees to petition God to bring true justice for George Floyd’s wrongful death so, his loves ones can have real victory in this situation. 😢 We don’t need more riots we need Souljaz of Hope doing their part to fall to their knees to petition before Yahweh, for justice for George Floyd’s love ones. His family and love ones needs our prayers right now! So I request you to join me in spirit wherever you are in this world. Lets pray for Justice and healing for George Floyd’s love ones. The riots had rised but as Christians that promotes love and healing we shall stand together! and Rise Higher because we serve a Higher King of Love and Justice.

Edited: By Author, Added the following video below

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