Yahweh Joins Grand Rapids Riot Twice

Oh Praise you Yahweh you are so awesome at all times. Lord thank you for sending angels to protect the newscaster and for Alex as well. For anyone that doesn’t know riot(s) broke out in the city I live in I am providing live updates on the previous post here is the link to that post. Now on to Yahweh news!

I don’t have screen captures or videos for this first part of the Yahweh news. But many witnessed the newscaster standing near an atm that individuals were trying to break into and a mob style crowd turned on the news camera man and knocked him down… About 10 or more individuals were beating and kicking the camera man and two gentlemen appeared out of no where and protected the cameraman from being beaten to death. Lady news anchor even said two gentlemen appeared out of thin air like angels to protect the cameraman.

Another instances Yahweh shows up with his Glory and Powers is when a gentlemen by the name of alex was cleaning up and picking up overturned items while the riot is still happening (riot still ongoing) On Camera Alex was asked why are you cleaning and alex said I am trying to do my part to help Jesus bring restoration to this situation.

Lord thank you for protecting the camera man with your mighty Angels that many witnessed appear as two human males. and Lord thank you for your active Soulja 4 Yahweh Alex. screen capture of Alex below.

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