Journal Entry: More In-depth What Lead To The Suicide Event At The Age Of Sixteen Part 1

Hello and welcome to inside my life aspect series, In a recent post I mention two aspects 1 I’m a genius and 2 I took an overdose when I was 16 which is now over 20 yrs ago I took the overdose that killed me for over one hour. This post series will lead you down the road of the timeline of my life that lead me to the Lord in my thirties. I want the readers to know up front I am not going to sugar coat it because that is NOT how Yahweh saw my life mess. Yahweh saw it raw just like how I am going to write here. Souls matter to God and sugar coating to avoid offending others does more harm to the readers soul than being real and 100 about the messy lifestyle the Lord brought me out of and how now I am using Soulja of Hope to promote a more Godly Christ-like lifestyle. So, if you are offended easily then my life testimony is probably not a read for you, But I do encourage you to try and read my testimony with an open mind if you are easily offended.

God, (Yahweh) asked me to share this aspect with the readers and I am doing so there is dark elements music videos, harsh language that are offensive. I did not publish this post without Yahweh’s approval first. When it comes to the devil sometime you have to fight on the level that brings the devil to the front and center stage and rip the curtain wide open to exposé the devil.. The devil rather remain unnoticed so he can continue to deceive. NOT Happening Here I am going to expose the devil and bring enlightenment back to Jesus Christ!!!

The Beginning To A Dark Path

Note: To The Readers: I would like to WARN you this post is going to have many dark elements to it that does NOT promote Jesus as Lord, I must Share With You first the problem before I share the solution. This testimony is long because it was years in the making before Jesus became Lord in my life, So, there will be many posts to this topic. I may create a page to link this testimony in chronical link order.

In my recent post I mentioned I’m a genius some of you were probably like “Yeah right” while others were “acceptive” to the announcement either way it was hard for me to let that information out in a public format on the internet. I say this because most of my life I have been hated upon and rejected because God choose to make my mind more intellectual than most individuals. I really didn’t ask to be this way, God gifted my mind to be this way. This is why I must accept that gift from Yahweh is part of me,.. I accept now all these years later for God’s glory, but I didn’t always believe that aspect and the choices I made in life without God involved lead me down a very dark road and I would like to share that testimony with you, know that I am more comfortable being me before the Lord and hold no shame to my past sins

Oh my, now that I think of it, I was an evil minded genius, 😢 I’ve mentioned I was in a gang. I was in a well known gang that is still big and well known to this very day. By the age of 12, I was starting to have sex and the teenage woman I lost my virginity to was not in the gang she was into witchcraft. She practiced dark magic. At the age of 7 I was introduced to witchcraft through my grandma’s ouija board. This was my first encounter with the demon called “raage” by the age of 12 I was introduced deeper into the dark side known by many as fallen angels or known as demons and the demon raage was grooming me from the age of 7 to step into the dark pathway I stepped into by my own choice at the age of 12.

At the age of 12 I wasn’t practicing witchcraft yet, I was just gang banging but I had noticed some weird things happening around me. This intrigued me because of the power aspect. My girlfriend at the time knew how I wanted power in my life so she spoke to me about becoming possessed with the demon called “raage” she was telling me that this dark entity seek’d me and I should take raage’s offer to become one through demon possession. I wasn’t like okay I will either. I thought it out for a couple months during those couple months I thought to myself if this so called demon friend “raage” can help me gain power moves in the gang then so be it. I do it! So I went through the witchcraft possession procedure.

I actually thought right away after I was done with my girlfriend and the other witches completing the witchcraft procedure, I thought “Are you kidding me? I feel no different” Shortly afterwards I started to get the thought in my mind that I was God’s gift to women and I started to cheat on the teenage woman I lost my virginity too. The thought keep playing out in my mind God of the great heavens has blessed you with all these women among this earth, feast pick your choice for it is many! Then before I knew it I was becoming a male slut, with women of my age and much older than me; they were like eye candy to me and I couldn’t get enough sex in a days time frame period.

Above video based of the following scripture

Matthew 5:27-28
27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’[a] 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Warning the video I’m posting (below) does have foul language and violent scenery the reason I am posting the video below is because this is the same deception the devil had me going through as a teenager and now over 20 years later there is a video of the same scenery sex, drugs, and violence’s, that the devil played out in my life as well many other individuals back then. Same deception all these years later just now repackaged visually through a music video which makes it attractive for newer generation’s

Again warning Do NOT click play if you don’t like gore and or foul language

Prayer: Abba (Father) please protect the minds of the readers that click play on this video like I mention lord I posted this video to bring to light the same old deception the devil played out in my life as an teenager and changed tactics all these years later to bring an age old deception tactic in a fresh new package to make it more appealing amen.

I was By Now Locked Deeper Into the Influence Of Darkness

I know by posting the video above brings a dark aspect to this post, but we must face it! we are surround by Angels and Demons every second of our lives fighting for rights to our souls.

After I went through the possession witchcraft procedure I felt no different at first but the more I sinned the more powerful I felt this is where the aspect of I and raage became one, This is because I was impowering the demon or demons in my life. I became more sexual and violent. My hatred grown so much beyond times 10x… A few months afterward becoming possessed raage brought to knowledge how smart I really was being a genius and the thought come to my mind I can help you complete great things and put you in place to make very powerful moves all you have to do Mike, is submit to me raage so we can become more of the aspect of one.

This post will be continued soon, I will post a link to part 2 when that post is published

Thank you for taking the time to read the beginning post to my life testimony. I’m only sharing this dark story because I want to show others you can be saved by Jesus Christ, God bless everyone and as I found out our state stay at home order has been lifted so now life is going to become busier doing things for Yahweh away from the home. So, I will need to come up a posting schedule. God bless. Before I go I would like to share with you guys a Christian rap video that will be used in a future post relating to my testimony but I wanted to share it now because I find it uplifting especially if you are struggling with knowing if God will for give you.

John 3:16
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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