New Author Name And Profile Image Explained Part 2

I apologize it took a little while to publish this post. Most likely there will be a part 3 and possible a few more posts after part 3, I recommend reading part 1 before reading part 2 for better contextual understating.

This explanation is long so it it will be broken up into multiple posts. I promise All Glory To Yahweh but I have to explain the problem before the solution for Yahweh asked me to.

Recap From Where Part 1 Left off

God: Son, have faith share! Have I not been restoring that gift? Share the readers need to understand where you are coming from to feel your passion you stand for and for the readers to be lead back the cause of the Soulja of Hope platform. Mike, there is many individuals that go through lack of confidence be an example show them they don’t need your gift to achieve confidence but that they can achieve confidence and a better life through me as Lord and Savoir the great “I AM”

Mike: Okay Lord, I will obey here is the gift the Lord gave me I will explain below

Mike: Yep! God made me a genius and I found out with my parents at the age of 3 the beginning to my nightmare and my shyness because I struggle to relate to most individuals because they struggle to think on my level. 😢 My friends the little I had because most of my life I was a loner, and family have hated the fact I would be ten steps or more ahead of them in thoughts and action. Some of them still to this day feel threatened by my minds intellect. Being a Genius comes with its pit falls most wouldn’t understand.

I Couldn’t Embrace This Gift From Yahweh Until Recently

Most individuals will never understand the social awkwardness that a genius struggles with and how their intellectual minds have a higher capacity to think faster than most individuals in this world. So, most times a genius isolates themselves because of the awkwardness they feel within and when you add the aspect of lack of confidence on top of that it spells disaster for a genius to excel at making mindful moves forward.

At a young age I went through medical and psychology testing and it left me feeling like a guinea pig most of my childhood. because doctors and scientist in the career field of the brain want to understand better how a genius mind works compared to a non genius mind. These test where done at the expense of my feelings at times.

My Dad Was Jealous of Me And I Got Beat For It And My Life Turns Real Dark

This is the point in my life where it becomes quite dark for me and revenge and the demon named “raage” becomes intertwined into my life more deeper. Mind wise I knew how to shut of my emotions like a light switch and have a thick skin while hiding the fact my heart was huge with helping others at the age of 7 years old. But I miscalculated the devil’s smartness since he is in the spiritual realm and my finite genius mind couldn’t match that aspect.

Yes, at the age of 7 I’m already dealing within my mind how to withdraw from my emotions on a higher level than most individuals know how to. This was the beginning to the devils deception to draw me in. Here I am 7 years old and I caught my grandma while watching me use a ouija board and I didn’t believe that my grandma’s hands were being guided. So, one day soon after catching my grandma she asked me to place the ouiji board back where she stored it. Instead I acted as if I put it away instead I used it. At first nothing happen days later I was at her home again and she was watching me while my parents went out.

It didn’t work last time so why now. As I stared that ouija board down… After staring at that board for awhile a thought come into my mind activate with anger. Oh boy! I had a lot of that because of my dad beating me daily. So, I thought of those bad beatings my dad gave me and the piece on the board begin to move. Then the thought entered my mind become more angered because you are controlling it with your mind and I am your friend. I asked out loud who is my friend??? Then the thought enter my mind become more angered and I shall answer. So, I did just that and the piece on the board spelled out “raage” I was intrigued by this aspect. That was the beginning to the darkness in my life but not the end. I went many years not being contacted outright by the dark side. But that demon raage was grooming my anger within.

When I became a teenager this where I put my genius mind to use for the dark side meaning that Yes, I did work for satan as a human cohort to destroy Christians. Through my childhood years I was confused because I was smart but smart at what? I mean what did my genius mind excel at? as a teenager I begin to notice I could use my genius mind to manipulate others in a very efficient way. Because the hatred within that I was dealing with I set out to get people to question their faith and I’m sadden to admit this part but I was able to with ease get other individuals to question their faith. I got so arrogant about this aspect that I started to portray myself as a superior mind god towards others because with most individuals I was like a Goliath undefeated towards others that come to rise against me.

This was until the day I, took an overdose in that very moment Yahweh knocked me down a peg. I say this because when I was 16 I took an overdose and I ended up dead for 1hr I know this because when I asked the doctor why did you save me the doctor said save you? Um budy it is a miracle you are alive you have been dead for a little over a hour now. Before I was released from the hospital 2 days later the doctor told me Mike, you are going to find out that life will be different for you some may be permanent while other aspects may be temporary with your mind. About a week later I was back at school and I couldn’t spell simple words like cat or dog this was like a David and Goliath aspect in my mind. Within myself I felt as if I went from being really smart to really dumb in a moments notice. From that point forward my genius mind went from thinking like a genius to being an average thinker until one day in my 30’s when God come to me and had the following conversation with me. Which will be in part 3 because this post is getting lengthy. Before I go I want to say that truly God (Yahweh) is awesome and I’ve become more humble by the life experiences I have experienced throughout life because we all live and grow!

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