Good Morning 6/2/2020 Updates, Also Update About Encouragement Videos From The Readers

Greetings and Blessings! I truly look forward every morning to see notifications via WP I enjoy interacting with you guy’s because in my mind you are NOT just readers to this website but an community of awesome individuals I look forward to interacting with. 😀

As of yesterday the governor of our state lifted the stay at home order and by the 4th of this month individuals can gather in a crowd setting of 100 people with social distancing. It was10 people about 1 week ago. I’m looking forward to bringing the Gospel to the streets got my business cards ready.

Taking A Pause For A Moment to Give Praise To Yahweh!

Before I write anymore I would like to post a worship song about Yahweh because without Him, this ministry cause is nothing.

Yahweh Is Awesome! S.o.H Is Growing Fast!!!

I’ve been blogging about the Christ-like lifestyle for about 3-4 years now via the website Soulja 4 Christ, which is no longer now because it is now called Soulja of Hope, my heart wasn’t really behind the lifestyle cause until January of 2020 when S.o.H was born on the internet. Since January 2020 I’ve cleaned up my act and got onboard following Yahweh’s direction. Since then I have fallen to my knees asking the Father (Abba) to blow up this website with traffic, because I want every eye to read about Jesus throughout the nations of this world. In May of 2020 alone this website got more traffic then Soulja 4 Christ did in those 3 to 4 years total. Praise You Jesus.

Post Frequency Moving Forward

Just like many other bloggers I have a lot on my schedule so moving forward I’m going to need to come up with a posting schedule. So, this means that posts will start to calm down a bit. I’ve wrote quite a bit of content since January so any new readers arriving here should have a good amount of posts to read if they choose to. 😀

The Elephant In The Room

Recently I made some uncomfortable changes on my end via S.o.H. Author name change, Image of me for the website avatar, and started to publish my testimony that I avoided for so long because I was afraid to let others know I’m a genius, because that aspect hasn’t been received well in my life, I haven’t posted yet where I excel the most and I feel I owe you guy’s a small glimpse about my intellectual gift from God, and where my mind excels at as a genius which is, human behavior. I understand how the mind and emotions intertwine together. I have study this aspect since I was a young boy.

Many individuals throughout my life have hated upon me for being smarter than most individuals and as I share my testimony more you will read how I used the intellectual gift as a weapon towards others. I’m changed now and I want to use the intellectual gift from Yahweh, to help others become more driven for Jesus, So, please don’t think just because I’m intellectually smart in the human behavior area that I believe I am better than anyone because I’m NOT I just want to help however Yahweh sees fit to do so going forward.

I’m Working On Getting The Worship Songs Submitted By Readers Like Yourself.

I was trying to let there be a little time to give a chance for the S.o.H community to submit their favorite worship song when I posted the previous post to explaining about it and then in return I would write a posts based off the songs submitted via that previous post and link back to the individuals website that posted the video on that previous post. I’m going to keep my promise, At this point I’m going to try to publish one post a week with a submitted worship song video from that previous post, coming up soon, I’m working with Yahweh for an encouraging message for each song submitted. So be on the lookout I haven’t forgotten or putting it off, right now I have a lot on my plate trying to get Ana’s house ready for an construction upgrade that is happening soon now that that the stay at home order has been lifted.

About The Recent Testimony I posted

Yes, I went there I took that post to the dark side aspect. I said it plenty of times as the author of this website I’m not going to tiptoe around hard topics many try to avoid. In the aspect of my shared testimony I will NOT offer up an cotton candy version testimony. Because this doesn’t show the true aspect of how dirty Yahweh will get His hands to save us, from our messy sinful lives. I may have caught some of the community readers off-guard that have been reading here for a while or for at least these past five months. It was meant to catch you off guard to display we must always be on our toes ready for any situation that Yahweh allows in our life. we cannot become passive or relaxed there is hard issues in this world and individuals are looking for straight answers to those hard life issues and topics.

So, I took the post there meaning the dark aspect because anyone reading my testimony I want to show them that Jesus loves them so much that if Yahweh can pull me out of that truly evil mess He meaning Jesus will do it for the next individual as well. Here is a link to the testimony post

Hence why I relate to this video because I was full of hatred and God is removing that hatred and replacing it with true love from Heaven.

Encouragement For The S.o.H Community

We are in this suffering together through spirit and the individuals Yahweh places in our life to walk beside to mentor. Being a Soulja 4 Yahweh will the hardest lifestyle we have ever lived but, it is worth it in the end when we see the face of Yahweh and we are able to say to Yahweh I did my part I marched the battlefield looking for souls to gather for you Abba,(Father) and in return Abba, says Faithful child, Faithful servant of mine, Indeed! you did and I am proud you.

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