SoH Community I Have A Question For You Guy’s

Hey Guys I was wondering because I want to help S.o.H community with sharing the Gospel I have been told quite a few times throughout life that I have a talent with creating appealing visual messages. Meaning background image with added text effect I don’t create the background image I just add text and effects to enhance the image.

I was wondering if you guy’s would like to me start writing posts that are geared towards providing images you guys can share at no cost and are copyright free? The only aspect is the images will have Soulja of Hope name and url watermark in a classy aspect so if an individual does share an image then the people that see the image that was shared can also be directed towards a website that talks about Jesus Christ. I know how hard it can be to share the Gospel I use to suffer from shyness, sharing the Gospel with others not knowing how they would react scared me on many levels. I’m not in it for website traffic by adding a watermark to the image I just don’t want a soul to miss an opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.

Here is the challenge! if this post can get 20 or more likes I will start working on images for you guys to start sharing I only want to do this for the S.o.H community if this something the community really wants. This why I challenge for 20 or more likes on this post so I know you guys as an community would like me to create visual messages for you guys to share for free because sometimes the research work can become time consuming finding the best background image the foundation of the visual message and I don’t want consume time resource if the S.o.H community is not interested…

Here are examples of images I have added Text effects as well other image effects over the years of blogging here most of them I have used in posts I write hence why I started adding text effect and other image effects to the background images in the first place! Click on image to enlarge.

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