My Conversation With God Yesterday

Hello Soulja Nation, Yesterday I had an conversation with Ana, that sparked having an conversation with God (Yahweh) here is what transpired from the Conversation with Yahweh.

The first video below is the basis of the conversation with Yahweh. Before I add the conversation with Yahweh I will add a glimpse of my conversation with Ana, first.

Author Note: This is not my traditional conversation format with God also I encourage you to read it through to the bottom because there is a message to the community as well and if you don’t read the conversation how it is formatted then the message affect will lose its meaning behind it.

My Conversation with Ana,

Mike, Ana, can we talk?

Ana, Sure Mike, about what?

Mike, My frustration and feeling stuck… 😥

Ana, ???

Mike, I feel frustrated because when I was in the gang I was down for the cause but I am sensing that I am starting to feel burnt out with the Soulja of Hope cause.

Ana, Mike, is there any difference back then compared to now? I mean why are you not having the same attitude like back then because back then you were ready to lay your life down for the gang cause, How much more important is God’s cause in your life? So why are you not going hardcore for God like you did for the gang??? I know you have a Soulja mindset I seen it first hand back then! So, why not have the Soulja mindset now and push forward no matter what comes your why because you are not just a Soulja of God you are part of God’s gang of believers.

Conversation With God (Yahweh)

Mike, Abba,

God, Yes Son!

Mike, I think Ana, is right!? Is she right???

God, Son, in a symbolic sense she is! I have a question for you, Do you feel that there is much of a difference between the gang life and what your mindset should be today for me as Lord and Savior?

Mike, Father, I rather not answer this, Do I need to answer this?

God, Son, you never shy away from being frank in your conversations before with me, so why now?

Mike, God you already know why, So, why? even ask??? this part of the conversation with you irks me it irks me because you ask rhetorical questions… So why should I put my input? Because I am not going to say anything you don’t already know.

God, Oh Son! I like it!!!

Mike, Like Wut?

God, Your gangsta flare in your last statement! Little homie g, stepping up to the Big “G” (God) tht’z gangzta, I can hang with the best and speak the lingo too since we are on this topic so, yes! little homie g, tell the Big “G” what’s on your mind.

Mike, Haha God, I can see what you are doing here. You are trying to fire up the Soulja mindset within me but I’m just not feeling it.

God, Son, get your feelings out of it or you going to get gat’d up by the devil doing a spiritual drive by on you, Jump towards the word of God, I have plenty of clips for your spiritual gat in the word of God… Shot the devil with the word of God, I have endless clips for your spiritual gat, the devil is going down. Son, please watch this video and be encouraged

Mike, God you do realize? that traditional Christians are going to puff their chest at this conversation right? Also I feel more like this at this point I will explain below the video.

Mike, Lord, as you know the demon raage has been reaching out to me lately reminding me how unworthy I lived my life back then.

God, Son, when you lived the gang lifestyle you didn’t settle for disrespect like this! The devil is opposing you, What you going to do about it? little g,

Mike, Rely on you! Lord,

God, Yes, rely on me for I am whole, but also gangsta up “SOULJA UP” and grab your spiritual gat the “Bible” and start firing back at the devil with scripture I will provide you will unlimited clips. As for your statement about traditional Christians, I remember like it was yesterday you fell to your knees back in 2015 and you said the following in your prayer.

Abba, I come to you this evening with a heavy heart of shame because I am finding myself being to religious and traditional I want to break this man made barrier and help individuals minds awaken to new heights about you Lord, I know I can do this with your help for you made me a genius in the department of understanding human behavior. Individuals believe the blinders our on their eyes but it is in their minds and I want to help you Lord, go back to the blueprints and help you Lord start the healing process in peoples minds but first the old must be stripped away in their minds for them to see the religious man made traditions they are following is, placing limits on them from reaching a higher level in the mind with you Lord. Are you down for this Lord or I’m sinning asking such?”

God, Son, I’m down but you must follow my lead for this rebuild, What you going to call it?

Mike, I’ll call it code name “Project Ignite”

God, Son, see you are on fire! just like you were back then in the gang life. Son, what’s got you down lately I care and want to listen and help.

Mike, God Father, as of lately I have been trying my best to follow you and not bring the cotton candy version of the truth to the public atmosphere online. and when I posted the first post about my testimony I posted the Rockstar video within that post. to display how the devil is attacking individuals the same way I was attacked when I was a teenager and I’m guessing since I was dead on earth for a little over one hour according to the doctor I was also in hell for that long? Lord you really never told me how long I was in hell. To me it was like one second to long. but the doctor said I was dead for a little over a hour.

Anyways I first hand saw how hell operates I didn’t fully make it into to hell but I was half way in through the gates of hell when I cried out Jesus save me if you truly love me and that is exactly what happen. Lord, when I published that post I got called out as a fake Christian by an individual. My heart intent is to serve you Lord. Please hold Father I’m a crying mess right now.

Conversation Paused

God, Son, I feel ya, right now but I also know that being called a fake Christian is not enough to make you cry like this. Do you mind sharing so the readers can know were you are coming from?

Mike, Lord, you know my past life and this individual does too, You’re right being called a fake Christian didn’t cause me to cry this hard. The things that were said did because I felt so misunderstood and it didn’t matter to this individual it was just pure hatred. accusing me of using my mind gift of being a genius to draw people towards sin in an crafty manipulative way.

I was guilty many years ago of doing such to Christians but I’m a child of yours now! Why would I want to place myself in the judgement seat before you Lord, like that? I know how bad hell is, been there done that already. I don’t want anyone to go to hell but many will based off their life choices. This brings sadness to my heart but what can I do about it when a person has the right to refuse you Lord. My focus is towards the individuals that are refusing God in their life but also towards the individuals that want a bolder and deeper aspect in their relationship with you Lord.

When Jesus was on this earth He was accused of breaking man made traditional laws Jesus challenged that aspect. I want to be like Jesus! with living a Christ-like lifestyle My two favorite people in the bible are Jesus because of His lifestyle Paul formally known as Saul because of his boldness… Those two elements of Christ-like lifestyle mixed with Paul-like boldness inspires me.

I want to inspire others because Jesus, really saves even in the aspect of I was literally halfway into hell for my lifestyle when I committed suicide, I am here because of Jesus! I say this because I heard the conversation between Jesus (Yeshua) and God (I AM) God clearly stated His judgment of me was righteous and He was not going to backtrack that decision I was dammed but Jesus said to His Father in Heaven Our father as well… Here is that conversation between them.

Me calling out Jesus save me if you really love me I don’t want to be in hell. God (Yahweh) says no you are dammed for my decision is Righteous it is final hell you must be dammed to. Then Jesus approaches God the Father in Heaven and says this

Jesus: Abba, the great “I Am” have I not been on the cross for Mike’s sins?

God, Yes, you have! (John 3:16)

Jesus, It is written whom ever seeks you Father through me Jesus, finds life, Release Mike, from hell for my mighty blood is upon him, and I Jesus is now full of His sins, (John 14:6)

God, It is Done!

I remember seeing this glorious white light whiter than here on earth that white can become. I remember seeing Jesus turn pitch black because of my sins being placed on Jesus, on the outside of the Gates of Heaven and I was being pulled from hell and I rose from being dead in the hospital.

God, Mike I remember Jesus doing this for you, Jesus did such because I have an calling upon your life that you refused to submit to back then and Jesus gave you another chance to live out that calling.

Mike, Thank you Father, When I was reminded of that expereince I sat back in my office chair and just cried because of where I have come from and where I am heading now,

God, Faithful son, I am so so proud of you! I know exactly where you’ve been and where you are going!. I want you know I am promoting your life today to another level the devil cannot reach. I am also bringing forth new boldness in your life starting now So, “Soulja UP” little g, because my mind is on you and for you, As long as you follow my direction I will back you, Son, back yourself, address the Soulja of Hope, community placed in your care. PREACH It, in a non cotton candy aspect like you say it! “Not Watered Down” Individuals will come to find that your rawness is a blessing unto their souls.

Mike, Thank you Father I receive,😀

God, You’re welcome Son, I will be here on the mighty throne front and center as you address the nations before you listening!!! I’ll let you know what I think after your speech. You Got this!!! Mike,

To The Soulja of Hope community That Is Dear To My Heart.

As of lately it has been hard for me because I am going through life trials that are leading to new heights. Life promotions according to Yahweh, as well new boldness, I must address before everyone throughout the nations that visit this blog why code name “Project Ignite” now know as Soulja of Hope is so so important to me.

Where I Was Before Jesus,

Back in the 90’s as Ana, said at the top of the post I was down for the cause of living as a gang banger, I was willing to take a bullet for the gang life. In the late 90’s I took an overdose and died for one hour or a little over one hour that event in my mind is still foggy to this day. Anyways I was heading to hell (That is a different post topic to embark up writing) I was 16 when I took that overdose and I didn’t leave the gang life until I was 20 in previous post I mentioned 18 I misspoke myself it was 20 for sure. I fully remember now. That overdose has affected my mind in many aspects. Praise be to the Lord, for He alone is restoring the damage within my mind.

Here I am dead from an overdose and Jesus is saving me at the age of 16 knowing very well I wouldn’t end up leaving the gang life until I was 20, and I still wasn’t living for Yahweh until my 30’s But I cannot shake the aspect Jesus saved me like that even though after I got out of the hospital I went back to living a selfish life I wanted to live. So by 2015 I fell to my knees

2015 I Prayed A Bold Prayer And Made A Promise To God

Author Note: For anyone that may think the video below the individual is putting up devil horns. The good news is he is not for his thumb is out which means it is sign language for the hard of hearing meaning “I Love You”

2011 I asked Jesus into my life and started to go to church 2012 -2018 I got caught up in a lifestyle being religious instead of God driven. I would leave the Christian mindset at the church doors as I exit the church doors every Sunday. During 2015 one afternoon I smoked some weed that was laced with drugs that causes a person to hallucinate. I thought I was hallucinating about entering into hell and Jesus saving me because that event was over ten years ago at the time I smoked weed. So the suicide event was long gone from my mind. This drug tripping event shocked me to the core. I felt it slice my spirit too, I was bothered by this aspect.

An couple days went by and then it hit me like a Mack truck my mind recalled the suicide event and I fell to my knees and prayed to God, I made a promise that day that I would get my life together and I also prayed the bold prayer found above where God was reminding me. 2 weeks go by and I was back to the religious lifestyle placing God un-hold until Sunday. From 2015 thru 2019 I grew hear and there closer to God, / God, was forth warning me that my calling was going to require strict obedience and great responsibilities so before Yahweh I ran from Him and kept crawling back asking for forgiveness, Then January 1st 2020 I embrace the calling God placed on the tablet of my heart when I was in my mothers womb.

Jan 2020 Life Begins A New Path For God, and My Life Becomes Harder

What I’m about say most individuals are going to be like WHAT??? I thought you live your life for Yahweh? I do but, I don’t believe in the religion aspect and I don’t see myself as a Christian fore say. I see my self as an unique individual created from Yahweh and I’m about having a personal relationship with Jesus. I believe in the living word of God as “Whole” and I believe in the true meaning aspect of the Trinity of God, I just don’t label myself as a Christian because now days that term is used loosely in retrospect of its true meaning.

I’m an Child of the most high King of kings and Lord of lord’s I make mistakes before Yahweh, I don’t admit to those mistakes before the Lord as a “Christian” I admit to my mistakes and correct those mistakes according to the word of God as an Child of God, These past 6 months have been a life changer for me to come to this realization… Soulja of Hope lifestyle movement cause is not about being a Christian it is about being like Jesus Christ a Child of the most high king and Lord as well savior Yahweh.

My hopes are you can join me on this journey together to become divine driven by our Father in Heaven because as humans we get too religious and miss the marking of living out a true life changing lifestyle as worship unto the Great I’ Am, as His unique child that desires to have a deeper relationship with their father of the Great Heavens above.

Thank you taking the time to read this post even though it was quite Long.


God, Bravo son, you did it you stood your stance among nations and spoke truth unto others about me! “Yahweh,” I am bookmarking this moment in my heart. I am so proud of you son,

Mike, Thank you Father, All I want is a relationship with you over religion so I get to know my Father in Heaven on a deeper level.

God, Oh Son Indeed you will come to know me more deeper from my hearts perspective… Love you Son,

Mike Love you to Father.

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