Readers Choice: Worship Song By Eva Ngelista, Author Of Witness for Jesus

Edited by Author I accidentally added the wrong person name and website link. Thank you Donna, for bringing this to my attention. I meant no disrespect to Donna, or Eva Ngelista, (Eva) actually submitted the video below… Donna’s video will be published tomorrow as I promised Donna,

Hello everyone, not to long ago I asked in this post, for the readers of Soulja of Hope to submit their favorite worship song in the comment section and Eva, the author of Witness for Jesus did just that Eva,, didn’t just post a link to her favorite song she also provided context which I’ll share here in this post and then I will complete my part as promised and add some commentary as well. So, first off the video then content will follow below.

Eva’s Commentary For The Video

it expresses what I deeply came to believe many years later:
what a happy day when we get saved, the happiest day in the life of every believer,
oh happy day!
Thank you JESUS for saving my soul.

Source Link

Mike’s Commentary (Author of Soulja of Hope)

Oh Yes, I have to agree here with Eva, Oh Happy Day! The song may be old but the feeling of oh happy day! when you invite Jesus into your life the message of the song is still fresh and relevant of today!

Thank you! Eva, I also encourage to show support by checking out her website!!!

Eva, thank you for the video submission! Here at Soulja of Hope, we support your ministry cause over at The Fathers Feet. I encourage you no matter what you are facing in life, God has your back and He will make Witness for Jesus ministry flourish. S.o.H community lets show this sister in Christ support I encourage you to head over to Eva’s ministry website and show some Christ-like love for the work she does Unto Yahweh.

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15 Thoughts

  1. Hey my brother,
    thank you for writing about my favorite worship song, I was blessed to read it.
    Will come back and look out for the other posts about the songs other brothers and sisters suggested… GOD bless you!

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  2. I think my favorite worship song is Peace Be Still by Hope Darst. Or any songs from Elle Limebear as I really feel she is anointed. Her music speaks exactly what I feel. Thanks so much for being you Mike. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You have the song from Ngelista and her quote in your post. Thanks so much for the mention but you have us both here. 🙂 I was thinking how I didn’t remember saying that, then became clear when I clicked on the link. Thanks brother for the mention. You have a heart of gold.

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      1. I apologize I thought I had could you please add the video link and quote in a reply to this post and I’ll fix it right away… I posted the post before my first cup off coffee of the day, after I had awoke this morning… After I published the post I moved unto the construction upgrade at Ana’s house Again I’m so sorry

        I meant disrespect towards you.

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      2. Oh I know it is all good. I just want her to have her song and quote on her day lol. Also just wanted to bring it to your attention.
        Here is another one i really like….. Just listening to the words is so touching. We need to be standing on the Lord’s side through everything, especially in todays world as I believe the end is near. We just need to be hand in hand with the Lord in surrender to our King. he will make a way. He is faithful. He will carry us through. Praise His holy name forever!


      3. Okay Donna, I’ll fix the post and add the correct name and website and add your link tomorrow with your words in this comment and link to your website in the new post tomorrow then Again I am so so sorry.

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      4. Oh? why is that? You are one of my favorite bloggers here on WordPress. I follow many blogs here but you are in the top 10 that I checkout when I wake every morning. I Like reading your perspective about God.

        God Bless Donna,

        Liked by 1 person

      5. You’re welcome! Donna, again I’m humbled by your kind words and support.

        Heads up I’m posting a post in about a hour or less I place Proverbs 3:5 in the post and thanked you within the post….

        I asked God to provide scripture for the upcoming post and 2 mins after say that to Yahweh you provided Proverbs 3:5 God is so awesome.

        Blessings unto you Donna, from Yahweh.

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