Readers Choice: Donna’s Submitted Worship Song With Added Commentary

Wutz up? Souljaz, greetings and blessings!

Donna, discovered S.o.H a few months back and Donna, submitted a worship song on a previous post where I request the S.o.H community to share worship songs for the S.o.H community to listen to… I will also be adding here website link at the bottom of this post.

Submitted Song

Donna’s Commentary About The Worship Song

Just listening to the words is so touching. We need to be standing on the Lord’s side through everything, especially in todays world as I believe the end is near. We just need to be hand in hand with the Lord in surrender to our King. he will make a way. He is faithful. He will carry us through. Praise His holy name forever!

Donna Wrote:

Mike’s Message, Also Message To Donna, and Encouragement To The S.o.H Community

Mike’s, Message
Fam, Donna, in my opinion posted a song that touches on the aspect of realness that yes we need Jesus, everyday of our lives for Heaven is drawing near! As we don’t know the time or hour for only God knows! Donna, has brought forth the realness we should draw near to the Fathers heart so we are not caught off guard.

Message To Donna,
Donna, thank you very much for all the support you have given, I say this because you have challenged some hard topics here on the website as well email support exchanges and you always brought to the table Godly love, support, and prayer and this community is enriched by your dedication for the Lord, Almighty first and your blessed dedication back to this community.

Community encouragement
God has revealed to me that Donna, lifts up individuals and ministries driven by God in her prayer life. Prayer Warriors are very special to God and misunderstood by many. Fam, I encourage you, to seek the Lord 100% and asked Him to help walk you into your calling because you’ll find so much joy in your heart, a type of joy that sparks the fight within to not give up even when things in life are not going well.

Fam, lets turn the tables of support, prayer, and Godly Love towards Donna, and let her know how much we value her and her God given gifts and talents. Donna, has supported the S.o.H cause right within the comment section many times I have a screen shot of her recently asking God to strengthen me as the author of this website so the community could become strengthen and enriched by the content shared her. Fam the reason I am posting a screen capture is because it is one thing to talk about it and it is another to show that faith work in action. More written content below image

So, Fam, lets take a moment to lift Donna, with the following options: Prayer Support, Encouragement and/or a Thank you to Donna, to show our appreciation for her dedicated support for the S.o.H community. (Link) → Show Donna, Appreciation (Her Website Link is below “Donna’s Blog”)

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2 Thoughts

  1. Thanks Mike! I appreciate you and you bringing me before the Lord. You are so encouraging to me! I thank God for your website.
    Thank You Jesus for Mike and his wonderful encouragement and acceptance into the SOH community. Lord continue to bless him and draw many to Your side through his ministry. We shine so much brighter when we point others to You God and that is what Mike and I do. We point people to You. That they would know You and the love that You alone give to us and display through us! You are amazing Father. Your power is limitless. We praise You and lift Your name on high. In Jesus name we pray.
    Have a great day Mike. Be blessed in His presence. Keep shining for His glory. The King of the universe is living inside of us! We are blessed. Love ya brother. In Christ, Donna Marie:)

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    1. You’re welcome! Donna, I am humbled by your kind words. The reason S.o.H is even possible because first off Yahweh, My walk in life, I even experienced hell. (PURE SCARY without Yahweh there)

      Last but not least the community makes S.o.H awesome and worth waking up to write each day, when I can write (due to time restrictions) to help the community learn new reached heights with the Father (Abba) Yahweh.

      Donna, I must admit I don’t like to cry as I’ve stated in posts before. but I am crying tears of JOY! hearing that you find encouragement here… That really makes my day! Thank you again for your prayer support! 😀

      Prayer, Lord, thank you Donna, She is SOULJA on FIRE for you Father, NOT something you find much now days Donna, Shines like the treasure you saw when you reached out to her in her darkest moment in life… Lord, as you know it is hard to display your love Lord to a world that is spiritually dying is more interested with not gravitating towards sound doctrine and this can be discouraging behind the scenes for your children Lord, So, I request you lift your child Donna, to new heights that are unstoppable. Amen

      Video Title Kaycee – Treasure ft. Illuminate music video – Christian Rap (First Video)
      Link (


      Video Title Catch Fire” – Mike REAL ft. Jai & Flame 3rd video in list of youtube search Link (


      God Bless Donna,


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