satan said: Remember When You Were Scared Like A Little B*$#H In My Presence, This is My Response

Disclaimer: This Post may offend you and I will not apologize for such, We need to be offended at times in life to stir up the core issues within we refuse to deal with. I’m providing real talk, real encouragement, here you will NOT find an cotton candy version speech here. This is NOT “Fantasia land” theme park. This is an online boot camp for a new more bolder breed of Yahweh’s army. I’m NOT a Brimstone preacher or speaker either, I’m just an child of God (Yahweh) that speaks it how it is the truth. 💯

Greetings and Blessings Everyone! Author Note: S.o.H community I also wrote an encouragement message at the bottom of this post for you guys.

Oh man I’m not surprised by satan anymore he is always scheming. Yesterday satan approached me publicly and I responded back publicly with this post. After that post I called it a night since I get up at 4 am every morning. Well,the devil decided he was going to go after me in my sleep and I ended up having a nightmare of the evening I took the overdose at the age of 16 and how I was so afraid of hell the very place I sensed the lack of Yahweh and I screamed out in the spiritual realm afraid saying “Jesus if you love me save me

News flash satan yeah I remember being afraid like you refer to as “like A Little B*$#H” Hell Ya, I was like that! satan… Anyone heading to hell should be scared like that because of the absence of Yahweh… New flash again satan you are not scary to me anymore! Because I’m in the presence of Yahweh and I have His protection again but there in hell I was 1,000% ruled by your terror and it is terrifying in hell when the Lord almighty says your soul is dammed to satan’s ruling for eternity then Yahweh leaves your soul to your terror rulings.

(Recap) Fam, satan came to me in my sleep reminding me of the moment I screamed like a B*$#h in hell, which is not a lie but it is old news because when I screamed “Jesus save me if you love me and believe I’m worth saving” in that fearful moment I had because the feeling of Yahweh was gone, beyond 1 million percent was gone from my soul. But what satan is not saying is, Jesus didn’t call me a “little B*$#h” Jesus referred to me by my name, “Mike” and said Father go save “Mike” ( I Need To Pause writing for I am crying tears of Joy right now)

satan As You Refer To, This “Little B*$#h” Is Going To Walk All Over You With The Authority Of Yahweh

satan I’m going to take this below the belt moment from you and thrive and I’m going to rise against you, with “Yahweh’s AUTHORITY” and the S.o.H community is not going to witness a “Little B*$#h” they are going to witness that was my weak moment in hell for great reason. But also what the S.o.H community is also going to witness is an child of Yahweh named “Mike” going godster on you bringing upon a butt whooping to the gates of hell. Oh satan I don’t believe you are hearing me correctly I am going to bring forth an earth quack that is going to make you satan quiver like a “little B*$#h” that you truly are… You come at me telling me to be very afraid of the storm you are going to bring against me… No satan I will NOT fear, for “I am The Storm” through Yahweh’s Powers and Authority and mankind will witness that through my stance towards you. As well my stance to fight my flesh daily so I never enter the gates of hell again, and through this Journey I will show others the Love of God has for me and the rest of mankind and they shall be saved when they call upon the name of Jesus and they choose to surrender to Yahweh.

So satan if I must be a “Little B*$#h” in your eye’s just remember this “Little B*$#h” helped Yahweh draw souls from the gates of hell through witness of actionable faith and many souls will never have to experience the terror of hell like I did, “What hasn’t killed me Strengthens me,” So, I can witness unto others and help Yahweh strengthen other souls and draw them towards the true light that enlightens the souls of mankind.

Oh Yeah Satan I almost forgot to mention I am Not a “Little B*$#h”as you refer to I’m, a Soulja of Hope for Yahweh an child of (YAHWEH) referred to as “Mike” By Yahweh, So, get it right satan. Also satan I know deep down you are afraid of my calling from Yahweh like a “Little B*$#h” Because I was called forth by Yahweh to lead this new breed of God (Yahweh’s) army of “Souljaz of Hope” a very bold version against you satan with Christ-like love back unto mankind and when you come against us children of Yahweh, we will NOT fear you we will go “Godster” on you satan as a bold breed of believers that know Yahweh’s powers and Authority through scripture… So, place yourself in check for you just got “checkmate” by an child of Yahweh. Which Yahweh refers to as “Mike” NOT “little B*$#h”

Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Encouragement For S.o.H Community

Soulja fam, the lion is a fierce animal and will not back down from a fight, when satan encamps you with many demons fight back don’t take the beating give the beating to the pits of hell with Yahweh’s authority through His powers and Scripture… (DO NOT APPROACH THE FIGHT ALONE WITH SATAN WITHOUT YAHWEH BACKING YOU WITH HIS POWERS AND AUTHORITY) I am posting the video below for encouragement. Imagine you are the lion being attacked and the hyenas are the devils cohorts and Yahweh hears it He sees it and comes to your rescue.

Rid yourself of a sinful lifestyle and put on the whole armor of God wear that armor every second of your remaining life and unite as a gang of believers and lift each other up and stand firm and remain firm Because God sees ALL and He will call His protection for His bold children. Remain loving like Christ unto mankind and stand fierce against the devils schemes and attacks… Being an child God comes with its wounds at times but God will protect and heal you in the end,

Oh man I bet the devil thought he had me but instead rose the fire of the Holy Spirit within me and satan didn’t end up seeing me coward like a “little B*$#h” instead I went “Godster” on the devil and showed him who the real “little B*$#h” really is. I love all of you guys with Christ-like love! Remain Firm in the Word of Yahweh, Encourage and Christ-like love towards mankind and continue to grow your actionable faith before others as well unite with other God fearing believers in this spiritual war.

Joshua 1:9

9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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