Journal Entry: Soh Is Growing! And The Devil Hates It and Yahweh Continues To Push The Battlefield Line Forward

Donna Wrote To Me: I was glad to open this and see your comment as I have a music link that I want to share esp with you. God bless brother

S.o.H Has Been Growing And Many Seasons Have Been Witnessed Here These Past 6 Months

These past 6 months have been a roller coaster behind the scenes for me as the author and the more S.o.H grows the crazier the roller coaster life ride becomes behind the scenes. There has been days I’ve questioned the pathway of writing for S.0.H I’v come back each time and don’t give up for many reasons the main reason is because I’ve had a Soulja mindset since I was a teenager in gang.

My Soulja mindset was misguided up until 6 months ago. I say 6 months ago is because that is when I surrendered to Yahweh’s leadership in my life. The road became very hard for me since January 2020 and the devil has been coming at me hardcore through spiritual attacks and attack campaigns through individuals tried to dump dirty laundry online about my past to smear my character through the mud. Ha ha devil how did those plans work out? (They didn’t!!!) The devil has been coming at me So hardcore lately that the devil had me questioning my faith walk at times more so lately. But God is so good with intervening at the rights times.

There is Many Of You Souljaz But God Has Used Two Of You In My Life The Most.

There are many Souljaz on Fire 4 God, but God had hand picked two of those Souljaz to jump into the trenches with me and these two individuals have gotten their hands messy for the glory of God, to help me as a wounded Soulja in need of help on the spiritual battlefield, more times I like to admit that I became wounded. Wounded but NOT out!

Pure Glory, Come on the scene back during the website was called Proj3ct ignit3 / then stayed when the website became know as Soulja 4 Christ, (S4C) and now S.o.H So many times these last 4-6 years Pure glory has been used by God as a mentor through their writings and personal exchanges with one of the two authors of Pure Glory. Fam, Pure Glory witnessed it as some of the other veteran readers have.

My life was real mess as I have grown to become whom I am through Jesus Christ as of now and still moving forward in personal growth and the writings I share here and in the past it reflected in my writings at times my life was a mess. I even got exposed by God publicity faking it till I made it with my faith walk via Soulja 4 Christ and Pure Glory jumped into the trenches throughout all these years to help me when I became spiritually wounded. But Pure Glory forgiven me for the trust issues many times in the past I caused with the readers and prayed for me countless times and encouraged me countless times through their writings as well over the years… Pure Glory still reads the blog to this day.

Thank you Pure Glory For Your Christ-love and Godly Support over the years… Your obedience unto Yahweh is a big part why S.o.H is becoming what it is today. I say this because I had to walk through troubled times and trials to learn to become a more obedient Child towards Yahweh as well obedient servant leader towards the individuals that God sends my way online and in person.

Donna, Another reader that has been displaying a fire for God as well. Donna, come on the scene a few months ago as a reader as well, As of lately Donna, has jumped into the trenches publicly and in private through email exchanges. Donna, is another Soulja hand picked by Yahweh that has been fighting in the trenches beside me for Yahweh first and for S.o.H second as well just like Pure Glory has been as well for years now. The video above Donna, sent my way to encourage me actually there is two videos but I choose the video above because it aligns with this post.

Thank you Donna, for your obedience unto Yahweh as well, You are also part of the picture why S.o.H is still going because God knows I have history of giving up in the past. Your Support just like Pure Glory’s support has helped Yahweh keep the race going here at Soulja of Hope.

Behind The Scenes In My Private Prayer Life I Have Been Asking Yahweh For a Support Team.

My big goal is to go into full time ministry and so far I have been dedicated to getting the S.o.H movement ministry off the grounds and it is hard work behind the scenes… I don’t just want to be a blogger the rest of my life speaking about Yahweh. I want to go bigger I want to be behind a microphone speaking as well to reach individuals that don’t come to this website. I want to take majority of the pay from from speaking engagements to run a full time ministry and personal frugal personal expenses as well pour back into the Kingdom of God to meet honest needs many individuals face… I have been telling God when the Ministry goes full time and I earn pay from speaking engagements that I want live on little and give a lot back into the kingdom of God, Like I said big goals but I am not their yet, but will be when the doors that open through the Kingdom of Heaven.

My focus right now is getting stronger with my faith walk getting to know God better and encouraging everyone that comes here to read and interact with the S.o.H website… Dare I say that the two individuals above are the beginning form of an online volunteer support team? From God, I say it that way because they have their ministry lives for Yahweh as well their personal life to attend to as well.

All Individuals Matter To Yahweh As Well Matter To Me

I appreciate everyone God sends to S.o.H website and I enjoy interacting with each individual through prayer, comment interactions, and email exchanges. Just because you are not mentioned above you are still important to this movement ministry and movement community. it is a real honor to write for and interact with each of you.

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