satan It Has Been A Long Time In The Making I’m Coming For You

Hello Soulja, fam, my hopes are this post encourages you, it is time you walk beside Yahweh and reclaim what the devil has stole from you. Ever since the age of 3 up until now the devil has been attacking me NO more! I’m coming for you satan and I will be like Job, and will endure the battle and God will restore everything you have stolen from me over the years,

satan I guarantee this will be like a David and Goliath stance but mark my words My God My Father is B I G G E R than you satan and my Father my (GOD) will make sure I am on the victory side. No more will, you attack me with depression, doubt, fear, lack of motivation, etc, satan I’m coming from you to reclaim the happiness you stole from me. As this movement ministry grows individuals will witness the battle and they will also witness you being defeated Just like David took down Goliath. Mark my words satan I’m coming for you, I’m tired of you.

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