Souljaz Of Yahweh I’m Calling Out For Unity Against satan And To Rebel Against The Pits Of hell

Oh satan you have messed with a lot of people that are now living for Yahweh and after this battle many more will join the fight to counter hatred from you satan with Christ-like love, oh satan you thought I was taking you on alone? Oh satan again you underestimated me, satan rule number #1 NEVER underestimate your adversary. You did this first with Yahweh when you were a beautiful angel and you got expelled from Heaven (Revelation 12:7-9) and now Yahweh is sending His warrior children after you! Oh satan your tactics have messed with many peoples lives and they will come after you with fearless Godly vengeance, mark my words Yahweh will make sure of that satan… Oh satan you are so so dumb you make me laugh at you 🤣🤣🤣 See satan I don’t think you read the writing on the war wall correctly I’m being sent as a leader to start an up-rise in hell… Here satan let me remind you [Here] and [Here]

satan You Started The War And We Are Going Rebel Against The War You Started

Disclaimer I am not promoting war against humans I’m promoting leading a fight to the pits of hell to fight against the war satan started against humanity (mankind) The videos I’ve chosen to post is a representation of the fearless fight I’ve been called forth to lead by Yahweh to the pits of hell. (The video below is the assassin creed video game) WARNING: The video below has violence and war type scenes

As Souljaz It is Our Duty To Unite Together And Protect The Body Of The Bride Of Christ.

Soulja fam, of Yahweh we didn’t start this war but, we shall rebel against the pits of hell to promote Yahweh’s cause of Love unto mankind… Just like we have read about Hero’s like David, going against Goliath,(1 Samuel 17:1-25:7) we to must become modern day Hero’s like David and face the Goliath called the pits of hell. I will share in a near future post my plans how to rebel against satan here on earth so satan feels it in hell. We must unite, We must Stand Together, We are Yahweh’s Modern day Hero’s of HOPE

Souljaz of Hope, This your chance to make History for Yahweh, against the pits of hell. Join Me! To Rebel against the pits of hell and leave a mark that cannot be forgotten and will make history

WARNING: The video below has violence and war type scenes

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