The devil Replied Again, Plus A Conversation I Had With Yahweh Today About The Battle Happening So Far

After I wrote the post before this one not even five minutes had gone by and I went to YouTube to play some christian music through a playlist and I had notice there was a video titled “Here I am” on the home page I clicked the video and the wording within the song was oblivious to me it was a direct reply from the devil replying to the previous post I wrote. You can’t make this kind of stuff up I really struck a nerve with the devil because the devil made it clear “here i am”

The devil’s Reply To My Previous post

Warning the video does have strong language and does contain violence

My Conversation With Yahweh About This Battle

Mike, Abba, I did what you asked of me, I started a war with the devil.

God, Bravo! Mike, it worked you made the devil so mad he barged through the hoards of demons and said he was taking on this fight himself the video even displays so.

Mike, Is Phase 1 complete?

God, Yes, Mike you have gotten the devils attention great work… This plan has been 4 yrs in the making I’m proud of you Mike, Yes, these past 4 years you kept going rogue with your faith walk but you remained faithful never letting out the plans I have against the devil thank you son, and now these past 6 months I have seen you become dedicated to my cause more dedicated than you were for the gang many years ago…

Mike, as you know Lord those 4 yrs it was hard to keep it from the devil because I became so mad at you when I went through the divorce 2 yrs ago that was a lot of pain to accept that my wife at the time no longer wanted me as a husband.

God, I agree with you Mike, The devil truly is underestimating us, I dragged you out of hell and revived you from that overdose for you not to fail. I promise Victory is on my side.

Mike, Father can I explain phase 1?

God, Yes! Mike, go ahead.

Mike, Okay Father, I love you! ♥

God Love you too son, 💗💗💗 wait for my instructions with Phase 2

Phase 1 Explained The devil Got Tricked Into Exposing Himself.

Soulja fam, many individuals believe that spiritual warfare is a fairy-tale but is it really? Look around and see how the actions in this world is growing more evil by the day. So, Phase 1 Piss off the devil by announcing I was going to war with Him and poke jabs at him I did that off and on through out posts and then I switched the tactic and placed a lot of focus on the devil… Yep, he didn’t like it. Am, truly going to war with the devil in a sense that will shake hell, this is no joke souls count on this war… Another part of Phase 1 was encourage other Souljaz 4 Yahweh to join and rebel against hell. I take no credit for the executed plan that was purely Yahweh directing my actions in the background for Yahweh can see all in the spiritual realm and the physical realm (earth) I cannot talk about phase 2 but I will begin those plans when the Lord, Yahweh, directs me to start completing. God wants His army to build up more and train first.

satan👿 You Fell For It and Underestimated Yahweh and Me 🤪🤣

satan Like I said you truly underestimated Yahweh, and me, because as I was distracting you Yahweh was completing His work against you and your demons and you never saw it coming how is that for “little weak assassin” satan just look back at the play book over the months… Yahweh had me building your anger up and I grew stronger with my faith walk in the process. Oh yeah satan in the spiritual realm Yahweh left you something clue because you are so dumb “Yahweh weaken your army on earth and that is going to affect you in the spiritual realm”

Oh satan I’ll let you stew over this video now.

Warning video does contain violence This video is a representation of me going to war with the pits of hell through the writings on this blog. Recap Phase 1 piss off the devil to bring him out of the shadows and as well encourage other Souljaz 4 Yahweh to rebel against the devil and the final aspect cause chaos for the devil with writings on this website so Yahweh could sneak attack the devil. I promise you I’m really at war with the devil to reclaim what he stole from me over the years.

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