He felt the pain you feel…

Very Encouraging message plus scripture

It's a God thing...

I love reflecting on the words of CS Lewis… In The Weight of Glory, he writes:

“The essential meaning of all things came down from the ‘heaven’ of myth to the ‘earth’ of history. In so doing, it partly emptied itself of its glory, as Christ emptied Himself of His glory to be Man…. That is the humiliation of myth into fact, of God into Man; what is everywhere and always, imageless and ineffable…becomes small, solid—no bigger than a man who can lie asleep in a rowing boat on the Lake of Galilee.”

I’m so glad that in Jesus, ‘myth’ became real-life history.

He ain’t no fairytale figure.

He lived, breathed and felt everything that we feel.

Yet, in rising from the dead he revealed his ‘country of origin’.

He’s a heavenly creature with the humility and love to experience our reality.

What a man, what a God…


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