Pain And Fear Are Weapons From hell What You Going To Do About It

Disclaimer: This Post may offend you and I will not apologize for such, We need to be offended at times in life to stir up the core issues within we refuse to deal with. I’m providing real talk, real encouragement, here you will NOT find an cotton candy version speech here. This is NOT “Fantasia land” theme park. This is an online boot camp for a new more bolder breed of Yahweh’s army. I’m NOT a Brimstone preacher or brimstone speaker either, I’m just an child of God (Yahweh) that speaks it how it is the truth. 💯

Soulja Fam of Yahweh, I am not going to bring you posts of encouragement if I haven’t lived it first this is because I want to share undeniable results. These past 6 months have been rough for me, I have had to deal with my flesh side of me, I had to lay down sinful habits,I had to seek Yahweh more through all this and as of recently I sparked a war with the devil and pissed him off to the point that he has brought the war to the battlefield of my mind stronger. Since I have made that stance I have seen the devil attack people I care about and raise a stronger demonic army against me.

I will not bow to fear and pain and these past 6 months I have grown stronger through Yahweh helping me get there by reading scripture implying scripture to my daily life and seeking Yahweh in worship daily in my life habits and now I’m in a new season of my life, the pain is deeper the fear is heavier and I have one message for the devil I will not break and bow I will go at these elements as a FEARLESS SOULJA OF HOPE, from my faith stance as well be a living testimonial example that anyone with their free will can achieve the same results in their life as well. Recently the devil called me out as a “little b^tch” and within that post I told the devil through the power of Yahweh I was going to expose who the “little b^tch really is, and that is NOT me, it is the devil…

This morning I woke up from lack of sleep because the devil was at me all night nightmare one after another then after I had awoke some individuals come at me, in a very negative aspect, I forgive those individuals because I know deep down it was the devil coming at me from many angles and I’ll admit for about 20 mins I was feeling defeated I was thinking of giving up because of the pain and fear but Daddy God Yahweh, encouraged me to stand back up and keep pushing forward.

Yahweh said to me, Son, Mike, this is war Soulja up! and Soulja up I did and the devil tried to rise greater against me with his demons and I called upon scripture and charged the devil through my faith and action to not wallow within my mind to let defeat within take root… NO I stood back up and I charged forward to bring the fight to the devils doorstep I had to kill of the reflection as I see myself in the mirror and bring forth that demon assassin out of me with the Power and Authority of Yahweh backing me.

What Are You Going To Do About The Weapons Of hell Against You?

Soulja fam of Yahweh, I Implore you, what ever situation you face each day to seek Yahweh’s face in ALL situations because the bible states the devil since you were born is already on the war prowl against you… Looking for someone to devour the devil starts the seed planting of defeat in a persons life early on… Why is this because the devil wants you to feel defeated in life so you will NOT rebel against him in-return…

1 Peter 5:8
8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Stand back up Soulja, The bible is clear the devil is at war with your soul and you don’t have to take it laying down feeling like you are getting kicked in the teeth each time. Instead I implore you read scripture bring more worship type behavior unto Yahweh into your life and wear the armor of God each day… Scripture is chuck full of power hitting encouragement for individuals and powerful weapon type power to bring right to the devils doorstep… So the question that baggeth with your soul.

What are you going to do? about satan rising up against you. Yahweh makes it very clear throughout the bible He will be with you and He will protect you and calleth His army of angels to protect you… You just need to have faith in all areas of your life, that Yahweh is the way to enteral life and and your weapon of choice against the pits of hell because even though the devil is a god, Yahweh is a more Mighty God of all gods and Lord of all Lords, that has the victory stance already.

So I encourage you pick up your sword (Bible) and seek Yahweh and learn to become stronger through the scripture provided in the bible and the devil will become less and less of a threat in your life, the devil will never stop coming at you, but you will become stronger through the word of God to stand your ground against the pits of hell’s attacks.


Abba, (Father) I see a new season in my life has entered upon, I have told the devil in my faith-walk enough is enough I’m an child of daddy Yahweh… Father I turn this post over to you, for your glory and I ask that other individuals minds will become awaken and that they will turn to you Lord Lord, thank you for these past 6 months but I want to thank you for not giving up on me since birth… Lord direct my steps, my mind, my soul, so I will come to know you better and become a stronger pits of hell assassin to help you fight for what is good in your presence Father…

My Lord, Yahweh, I vow my stance right here right now, I am yours I am not just an child of yours I am a Soulja of Hope that will go where ever you send me to carry the torch of Heaven which is the torch of Hope. Father bless these souls that come to read here, send the broken hearten and the souls that feel defeated, draw them near you through Scripture and help me to have the words to teach others how to grow closer to you which in return brings fire upon hell straight from Heaven. Amen

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