Ha Ha satan You Didn’t See That Coming, CheckMate! By Yahweh, Through All The Souljaz Of Hope

Oh satan you so dumb coming after me like that, You just don’t learn. I’m an child of the Legend Son, of Yahweh, Jesus Christ; I told you satan I was going to lead a mighty army of Souljaz of Yahweh right to your doorstep… Oh that is what I did satan, (Post I’m speaking about) I put the war cry out among thousands of Souljaz of Hope, by sharing on various social networks that have thousands of followers which also will come at you like legends of the most high God Yahweh. Oh satan your focus is misguided because you got checkmate by many of Yahweh’s children.. (Souljaz of Hope,) WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN AND WE AS SOULJAZ OF HOPE, ARE UNDEFEATED. Oh satan each day that goes by I’m growing stronger helping Yahweh, build up an army of Souljaz of Hope, against the pits of hell, that will display with undeniable results of Heavenly love back unto earth that will blanket the hatred that you have spread across earth… All of us Souljaz of Yahweh checkmated you satan through the power of the Word of Yahweh. Again satan WE’RE UNDEFEATED, satan just give up already.

as UNDEFEATED SOULJAZ of HOPE, we are going to take the love of Jesus Christ, (legend) to our circle of contacts and various social networks and to the streets, We command you satan to let go of the minds of the slumbered Souljaz of Hope, that are going to be awaken and turn against the pits of hell as well… Oh satan more and more of Souljaz of Hope, are going to awaken and spread the Love of Jesus ChrIst, “WE’RE UNDEFEATED” (Exodus 6:6)

Oh satan you had me at one point in my life years ago living a gangster lifestyle and now I’m refocused through Yahweh taking that old gangster mindset NOW REFOCUSED WITH A GODZTER MINDSET LEADING SOULJAZ of HOPE, right to your doorstep the tides have turned against you satan, oh satan what you meant for harm YAHWEH IS TURNING INTO HIS GLORY FOR HEAVEN.

WE ARE SOULJAZ OF HOPE, OF THE MOST HIGH (Yahweh) AND WE WILL REMAIN UNDEFEATED because of JESUS CHRIST, ALREADY MADE SURE OF THAT!!! (John 3;16) and The Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8) will drive all of us Souljaz of Hope, to victory (The True Trinity of Heaven) (Matthew 28:19)

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S.o.H community there is Souljaz of Hope, that you know please pass this encouragement unto them through the share options below, so they can be encouraged as you were encouraged… God wants all of His children to hear this message of encouragement and hope, and that can only happen if you do your part for Yahweh and share with your communities.

Join Us! Souljaz of Jesus Christ, As We Rise UP! Against The pits of hell With Victory!!!

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