Thank You Faith W, For Your Soulja Response

Soulja Nation, I received this video response via messenger on Facebook by Soulja Faith W. in response to the post “Souljaz Of Yahweh This VICTORY Battle Cry Is For You” I’m posting the video response from Faith W, to Glorify Yahweh, as well to let satan know publically that Faith W, has made her stance against the kingdom of hell,

Soulja Fam, These lyrics are deep and truthful, / if we are going to stand against the tactics of the pits of hell, we must be ready at all times to Soulja Up with God’s armor, and the word of Yahweh, no matter what because the devil doesn’t play fair and he will try to catch anyone off guard to devour them. (1 Peter 5:8)


My Lord, (Yahweh) I have been mentoring Faith W, behind the scenes from blogging, because Lord, when I’m not writing posts my work to Praise you Lord, is not done, so I mentor a few individuals that you have placed in my care Lord. Today I woke up to Faith W, leaving me a video reply for her stance against the pits of hell. Lord,I’m surprised and leaping with Joy, because of the individuals I’m mentoring Faith W, was the timid and quiet one when I started to mentor Faith W, I have seen her grow over the months going from timid and quiet to posting a deep lyric hitting video response like the one above… Praise You Jesus, because the boldness that Faith W, is displaying compared to when I started to mentor her is a complete 180… Amen

Message To The devil

Oh boy! satan I told you I was going to lead God’s army to the doorstep of the pits of hell, You never take me serious… I been telling you satan, you have gone against a lot of souls in this world beating them down and that they, were going to turn on you while also being pissed off at you with laser focus aim satan, Oh boy! satan Faith W, has now made her stance against you and is encouraging others to live for Yahweh… Better watch out satan because Faith W, is only one Soulja in the bigger aspect of the army of Yahweh, that is rising against you… Yahweh has millions more Rising as well, We will Rise and unite in whole in spirit as the body of Christ and bring the fight back to the doorsteps of hell, the headquarters that started the war against mankind.

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