I’m NOT Afraid satan BRING IT! I’m Backed By YAHWEH!!!

Oh satan you keep creeping this song into my worship song playlist I don’t even have this song added to the playlist of songs that bring worship unto Yahweh, I get it satan you don’t sense fear from my leadership bestowed upon my life, by Yahweh on my life as an calling… BUT (MARK MY WORDS) WE ARE GOING TO REMAIN UNDEFEATED satan because of YAHWEH. WE ARE SOULJAZ of HOPE WITH A BATTLE MISSION PLAN THAT IS FLAWLESS BECAUSE OF YAHWEH…

satan I Will NOT Be Punk’d Out

Yes, satan i’m fully aware you are pissed because years ago I made a blood contract to worship you as a satanist back then, BUT I’m NOW an child of Yahweh, and JESUS CHRIST BROKE THAT BLOOD CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU (satan) and I, WITH HIS PURE RIGHTEOUS BLOOD (Philippians 2:9-11)when Jesus saved me from the pits of hell, when I took that overdose as an teenager and died for 1 hr, satan you keep calling up my past, because that is all you know of me. I’m a new untouchable creation through Jesus Christ, (2 Corinthians 5:17)and I reside under the authority and protection of Yahweh now. So bring it satan you WON’T prevail. (Luke 10:19)

oh satan did you forget? I learned your tactics when I was living life to worship you as a satanist years ago?, I have that knowledge to awaken Souljaz of Hope, against the pits of hell that will prevail and bring forth Love of Yahweh and awaken even more Souljaz of Hope because those SOULJAZ of YAHWEH WILL ALSO BECOME FISHERMEN OF SOULS TOWARDS MANKIND WITH CHRIST-LIKE LOVE, satan you know this to be true that is why you are trying to shut me down… NOPE NOT happening I won’t be punk’d out by you satan. I’m growing stronger each day through the word of Yahweh, satan your time is up there is NO where to hide or run.

NOW satan Flee from me as I go back to listening to worship music because I SERVE YAHWEH NOT YOU ANYMORE satan (James 4:7) satan if you sneak that stupid song into the playlist again I will just skip over it continue to WORSHIP MY LORD YAHWEH as I complete these home improvement projects.

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