Souljaz Of Hope A Wounded Souljaz Needs Us To Show We Have This Wounded Souljaz Back

Soulja of Hope Fam, I had to drop what I was doing and get on here satan is hard a work with a Baby Soulja of Hope, We need to get this message from the Lord across the internet we need to break the borderlines of nations across the internet to get this message to them. That the Lord has placed upon my heart to write… I don’t care about the traffic ratio of this website we need to send this message from Yahweh on fire across the internet to get this message to this wounded Soulja… Yahweh told me one of you are connected to the social connection that will get this message to a Brother or Sister in Christ… Their Soul is in the balance of this, From what God told me is this person is about give up on God, we need to be obedient unto Yahweh and share this message from Yahweh that I was entrusted to write and get the message across the internet to them…

I did my part to write the message. Yahweh and I need your help by you sharing this post to and not allow the devil a win today..This Soulja of Hope needs to see other Souljaz rise in spirit and join with them in the trenches for the very cause we fight for, the good fight for winning souls and being their for other wounded Souljaz, referred to as Christ-like love

Message To Wounded Soulja Yahweh Heard Your Cry Out To Him, And This Is His Reply To You,

God Yahweh, Says the following…

Child of mine I know and understand how you feel as if you messed up so bad that I don’t love you anymore… This is NOT true the devil is lying to you, (Jeremiah 29:11) My son, mike one of my many Souljaz I contacted him, to write this message to you, to prove I heard you, for how would Mike, know how to write such words to you that grab your attention, It is because I Yahweh, the great I AM is directing Mike, what to write…

Oh Child of mine my heart is for you and NOT against you… Your tears are dripping upon my chest as I hold you even though you not realize my presence… I know you feel as if the mistake you made cost you everything this is not true I am a God of possible… (Matthew 19:26) Don’t accept the defeat from the devil Accept the victory stance from me Yahweh, and allow me raise you back up from your fall… I know you struggle with accepting my love, and you feel as if you sin, you are un-returnable to me, this NOT true, seek my face and repent and I shall forgive. This does NOT change my love stance for you… I have always loved you and always will!!! other humans have hated upon you and if they never repent for such hatred they will meet their wrath but that wrath must come from me Yahweh and not you…

I see all, I hear all, and I know deep down you are not a person that likes to feel hatred and bitterness within, this is the inner pain taking root within you, Give it to me Your Heavenly father, seek my face and I will help you correct this in your life, but it only can be corrected through my divine power and mercy…

Love Daddy

P.s. Love I directed Mike, to this video for you as well.😊

Soulja Nation it is now your turn please share this for this person to be able to get this message… Again I care less about website traffic I care about Godly matters only.


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