Abba I Seek Your Face All The More Right Now

Abba, since about 2-3 weeks ago I made a public stance to live for you at all cost that stance has turned my life upside down… Oh Abba, I don’t fully understand why all this trouble in my life, these past few weeks.. Oh Lord, I’m starting to relate to Job, with how he felt as the devil gave him, hell here on earth… Oh Father, I’ve been trying to live for you at all cost as well, accomplish goals that will help my family proceed ahead as well help me be in the community to bless others bigger and deeper…

These past few weeks those goals have been meet with constant road blocks… Oh Father it is appearing the devil is having his way like he did with Job, I understand Job, prevailed in the end. But Lord when is the break coming for my family? I feel so broken right now Lord, my strength is weak right now You say that when we are weak your strength shines but Lord, it is appearing the devil is getting the upper hand in my life right now… Father, Lord, even though it appears this way for the past few weeks I cannot give up believing you got my back please Lord, most of my life has been meet with failure, please don’t let it be this way again in my life…

Lord the song below has had me thinking these past few weeks that I should have thought twice going against the devil like I did but Lord, I felt I needed to make my declaration unto you Father (Yahweh) More written content below video…

Abba, these past few weeks even though the pain grow I tried my best to keep my feet moving forward to encourage others to live for You Lord, and now it is looking as if the devil’s Goliath stance against me is working, I’ve lost family and friends, my character has been dragged through the mud and other demonic encounters have happen these past couple of weeks even my life was threaten… But through all of this I remained steady and pushed forward for You Lord, and now it seems as if the devil’s threats were more than mere words… How much more must I endure Lord,? Being served is the straw that seems to be breaking me more Lord… I need your guidance in all this… Please Lord, show yourself upon all these situations I have been enduring these past few weeks. Lord you know how I feel about crying because the abuse I endured growing up, crying got me beaten more and bullied… Oh Lord why all these different things happening at once in my life, I am human with limits…

Lord please help me Jesus Christ my life is falling apart please help me.

Abba, You told me I had to be real before the community and I trying right now to obey you even though you appointed me as a leader, to lead Souljaz of Hope, through your direction I am writing this post feeling exposed and embarrassed before the devil. Oh Abba, here my cry of brokenness right now please Lord, I know I can bounce back from this with your strength I need you right Jesus Christ, please be there for me… 😭


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