Oh Boy satan YHWH Just Awoken A Deeper Soulja Stance Within Me

Hey guys in my previous post I mention I will be writing a post about the fall I endured this NOT that post I will be still writing that post soon… I wanted to jump on here real quick and show that YHWH, has reminded me to refocus me and it has awaken the Soulja in me deeper I wrote these 3 messages on Facebook 3 yrs ago and felt to share those screen captures with you guy’s… Yes I had a weak moment and fell but YHWH is making sure that fall doesn’t happen again for these messages encouraged me, refocused me, NOT if I fall again because I’m human but when I fall I will get back up faster it will NOT be a falling process that takes an couple weeks of me bottling up the pain… I learned from that mistake

I realize that was my weakness at the time… Yes, I was giving up but I got back up! I’m refocused and more determined now to get this movement ministry off the ground I will go into full time ministry and there is NOTHING the devil can say or do to stop me… Daddy YHWH has my back for me to succeed… My dreams of many years are going to take root here on earth, it will NO longer be a memory in my mind it is now manifested into determination to make it happen.. Many Soulz in this world will here my war cry and soulz will be gathered not just on this blog but from a mic also across the nations in person and live streamed… . Mark my words satan when YHWH green lights that part of my calling you will be in more trouble because more soulz will become awoke and will turn from their wick habits and turn towards more Godly habits… satan I’m just the mouth piece for YHWH, it is YHWH that provides the needed gear (scripture) to bring a full on war to your doorstep… YHWH told me you haven’t seen a human leader like me before and I sense you are scared. Be scared satan because like YHWH, I have No love, No mercy, towards the gates of hell… Those aspects I do have towards humans Like Jesus Christ,

Thank you Daddy YHWH, for this reminder, my mindset is set in place my determination is set in deeper and the Soulja mindset within is now stronger… Thank you Donna for this encouragement video also

See satan YHWH Knows How To Reach Me

Daddy God sent Donna, into the spiritual trenches and her song choices the video in this post and the last post helped me gain hope again… Better watch out satan, many SOULJAZ of HOPE, are going out into this world to for YHWH, to gather froth more souls to the Lord almighty…

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