As Souljaz Of Hope, It Is Our Mission To Spread The Love Of YHWH Unto This Dying World

Welcome Back Souljaz!

John 3:16
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Souljaz Jesus Christ, lived the war cry of death against satan and Jesus Christ, provided the payment of forgiveness and mercy to the matter of sin which equals eternal death. victory of eternal life in Heaven, is what Jesus Christ, brought forth to mankind three days later when Jesus Christ rose from death, even though were fearless demon slayers we are also the beacon light for the victory stance of Jesus Christ, brought forth to mankind that lives upon the wastelands of earth and know it not they are dying within from sin. It is our mission to love others like Jesus Christ, loves and bring forth the message of hope tied to John 3:16, and the rest of the bible to this world full of sin and hatred. We as Souljaz are victorious because Jesus Christ, paved the way for us before the day of massive revival that “us” Souljaz of Hope brought forth by YHWH, will bring for the glory of YHWH into the wastelands of this earth across all nations of today and tomorrow.

Join me on the Spiritual battleground as we march with Christ driven love towards mankind and fearless war fight against the wicked element the pits of hell produce upon nations of this world.

Prayer: Abba, (Father) I request a mighty revival that sparks the quake against the pits of hell, but also brings hearts online to seek your face, your mercy, your forgiveness, your love, and the gift of eternal life. Lord, I seek this revival to awaken minds and hearts across all nations and that the devil feels it deeply as he loses his grip upon many souls that are destine to become awaken for your Glory Father, YHWH. Amen.

meaning of Emmanuel “.”Immanuel” is a Hebrew word meaning “God with us” and expresses the wonder of the incarnation, that God “became flesh and made his dwelling among us””Source Link

YHWH Is Bringing Forth A Massive Revival!

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