Thy Lord YHWH Shall Renew Our Strength

Hey guys, May your day and every day, to follow be blessed by YHWH,

As I take a much needed break from writing so I don’t become burnt out, I have taken the time to write some posts that are selected to auto post to keep fresh content ongoing here as I take a break to regain my strength to come back to writing even more on fire with the Holy Spirit than before… Today I am sharing this post to pray for every Soulja 4 Christ to become more stronger with the backing power and strength of YHWH,


Abba, (Father of Heaven) as I take a break from writing to hit the streets and build up the movement ministry I pray that you strengthen me to spread the hope of love that your Son, Jesus died for… Father, I asked that you align me with like minded Individuals to join me as I hit the streets and minister your love unto others as a Soulja of Hope, to stick it to the pits of hell. Father, I also pray for the Souljaz of Hope, I have been leading online as well with your leadership and authority. Lord, I pray you lead me to write content that can be scheduled to be auto posted to strengthen and encourage the Souljaz of Hope online as well… Father thank you for trusting me to lead this mighty movement in your name sake…

My Lord, I am sorry for my recent fall, I have learned a lot from that fall. Lord, as a leader for the Soulja of Hope lifestyle movement I am nothing without your strength and guidance… Lord as I hit the streets in my community to soul seek as a Soulja of Hope, that you lead me to individuals that don’t know about know about you Lord, or this website yet, I ask I as I leave business cards in random locations I pray Lord, that individuals will be lead to this website and encouraged to draw closer to you Father…

Lord this blog is just a small aspect of the calling upon my life, and as my writing time becomes more limited I ask that you teach me how to manage time more efficiently so I can provide quality content that promotes you Father and encourages others to want to have a deeper relationship with you Lord. Okay Lord, as I head into the dangerous areas of my surrounding community I ask for your protection and I also ask that you lead me to individuals that you would like to become part of the ministry team as a volunteer from online and the streets I will be marching upon to soul seek Lord, I’m looking for Prayer warriors, accountability team member, and like minded Souljaz of Hope, to march along side me on the streets and online…

Oh Father, I almost forgot to mention, I ask that you lead me to an Godly driven church or ministry organization as I seek funding for Soulja of Hope to get the ministry off the ground to pour financial blessings greatly back into the Kingdom of Heaven as you direct the funds to help my family come out of debt that has arise in mine and Ana’z life as I transition into full time ministry work unto you YHWH as pure worship unto you Father, so we can use the funding you provide through the call to write a book and the call to become a motivational life coach to meet honest needs in our community greatly…

Thank you Father, for hearing my public prayer… Thy will be done to strengthen all your Souljaz of Hope, and to meet the needs I mentioned Amen.

Love Your son and Soulja
Andrew, 💗

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