Lord I will NOT Quit

Author note: First off I did change the name from my first name to my middle name on here because I favor my middle name… Second this is a journal entry of how I am moving towards becoming stronger for YHWH, I will be back to full time writing I don’t know when, I’m waiting on YHWH for the green light… So for now I have posts that are scheduled to auto publish to keep the content fresh here.

Lord, I know you asked me to take a break from writing but I felt I needed to get on here real quick to announce my stance towards you to the readers and let satan know he will NOT get me to quit worshiping you Abba, You are the almighty powerful YHWH, of my life and every other persons life if they accept that or not… Father, I’m going through a new season in my life right now with my faith walk and it can only grow stronger from this point forward.

Abba,I have a lot of pain within me and as of right now in this season of my life and faith walk you have me confronting those pains within… Pain I buried all these years… Lord, you are right the devil has access through the pain within. I don’t want the devil to have access so I will continue to confront the pain within you bring to my attention… I will not quit serving you YHWH, you are my Lord, My Holy true Father, please comfort me as I cry behind the scenes of this blog for Lord, you know very well how great the pain is within me, but I’m trusting that you are greater than the pain within me…

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