Update: About My Mom

Hey guys My hopes are your day is well!

Yesterday I ask for prayer for my mom, well,she called me and gave me update, An update that has me concerned but leaving in YHWH’z hands. 😟 My mom called to let me know they were going to admit her because they found something wrong with her heart.. The hospital is going to continue testing pertaining to her heart and admitted her to monitor her heart… I haven’t heard anything yet about the situation because my mom has no new information to provide me.

Because they are admitting her they did complete an covid test and that test result came back negative… Praise you Jesus for that negative test result… But it doesn’t change the fact they are still concerned that right now she has a weak heart and the situation needs to be monitored.

My mom is thankful for the support after I asked for prayer last night… I could hear in her voice late, last night that she is dealing with fear over this situation… She has been getting chest pains this past week and went by ambulance an few days back but that doctor didn’t find anything wrong with her heart… My mom, ended back up at the hospital because of the chest pains again and also confusion so this time around this ER doctor did different testing and found issues with her heart and told my mom we cannot release her because of the concerns they have pertaining to her heart…

I wish I had better news to give but I don’t I’m not fearful of this situation because I’m leaving it in God’s hands… I am concerned about my mom… My mom is one of the readers here so I thought I would post her favorite song to brighten her day.

Hang in there Mom, God will bring you through this, This is a new day where God will change your heart condition and what the doctor found yesterday will not find today for God the great Doctor has taken over and healed you! The medical doctors will find themselves amazed that God healed you, Keep the praise of Jesus on your lips this is temporary.

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