Welcome To Soulja of Hope 3.0 Official Launch

Hey Guys, Welcome to S.o.H 3.0,

As you can see in the image above there is an new background image of people gathering to Worshiping verses with the old image a single person trying to reach nations to spread the Gospel… The reason for the old image when I quietly launched version S.o.H 2.0 is because I felt the need to provide a visual representation of what I was called to do and that is reach nations to awaken slumber Souljaz and lead them towards YHWH, But God has brought me into a new faith walk season now as I completed those writings to let the devil know my stance against him. during version of S.o.H 2.0

In this new season with S.o.H 3.0 the image is to reflect us Souljaz joining together to focus worship unto YHWH, I even changed the tagline from “Join Me On A Journey To Become More Kingdom Driven” to “Join Me To Be More Relationship Driven With YHWH” Because now many of you know my purpose here with this blog is to awaken slumbered Souljaz of YHWH, and the response was great many individuals shared their awakening moment and I thank YHWH, for that great testimony, In this season YHWH, asked me to focus leading new and established Souljaz of Hope, in the direction of learning to have a mindset that seeks YHWH’z face in all aspects of their life in a relationship aspect with YHWH, hence why the new tagline,

We as Souljaz understand that the devil is no ones friend and I recently stated I was going to lead the war the devil started right back to his door step… Well I still am, with your guys help, as we go about learning to have a deeper relationship with YHWH, over man made religious aspects that causes a wedge in the relationship aspect With YHWH, the more we focus to have a relationship with YHWH, the stronger our faith walk(s) will become and less the devil will be able to influence our thoughts with fear, doubt, sinful enticement, etc, this will hit the devil where it really hurts by overriding the sinful programming of our minds since birth with scripture.

I recently published a post about scripture teaching on the aspect of renewing the mind aspect.

My hopes are as the content changes focus here to help you see and learn what it is like to be an child of God, that your souls become enriched, I have been trying out some different post types and formats to see what is drawing the attention, please bear with me as I figure this out on the back end of this blog by trying different post types.

Message From Andrew, author of S.o.H

In the previous season of my faith walk I apologize if I caused any unnecessary pain, or offense, it wasn’t my intentions but YHWH, asked me to apologize so I am doing just that! I do still have the same boldness towards the pits of hell, and more boldness, to grow deeper with my relationship with YHWH, and it is only going to become bolder! as I refocus and the content also is refocused and go through the changes within that YHWH, sees fit… I would like to invite you to journey with me on the Journey so all of you also can grow closer to YHWH, and grow stronger with your faith walk as well as I also take path upon this Journey that I started 6 months ago.

I’m still going to provide non fluffy feel good only cotton candy speeches here because I don’t like the flavor of deceit,when it comes to fluffy cotton candy type speeches because watering down the speech and the bible is flat out dangerous and I don’t want to go before YHWH, and have to answer why I did NOT provide the speeches YHWH, lays upon my heart to write. So, if anyone is not interested with having a relationship with YHWH, and want to continue to lean towards man made religious practice that YHWH, wants to end then, these upcoming posts and future posts will most likely will offend… Also anyone that is looking for a deeper relationship with YHWH, again offense probably will happen as well through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I recommend putting on the set belt YHWH, provides because being a christian is not meant to be easy it is meant to be life changing here on earth and we as children of YHWH, Souljaz of Hope, will have to get our spiritual hands dirty just like Jesus did, when He was on earth.

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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for not unsubscribing this tells me two of either aspects you want a deeper relationship with YHWH, which is great! and I am humbled and honor to teach or you are watching for mine and other children of YHWH’z to fail which is not going to happen for if any of YHWH’z children fall as long as they get back up, repent and push forward then YHWH, will see it to the end of the individuals life span to teach them how to have a stronger, deeper, faith walk and relationship with YHWH,

I do take it very serious that YHWH, has provided the opportunity to teach (life coach) the word of God, and I pray for the community throughout the day like a shepherd should… I truly have Christ like love for everyone in this world regardless if they feel the same or not towards me. I also appreciate all of you that visit this blog once or are a returning visitor… The returning visitors I consider as part of the S.o.H community!!!

P.s. Back in January I made a promise to God, that I would Soulja up no matter what to Help YHWH, awaken the slumbered Souljaz I have not lost heart with such calling aspect. I am still pushing forward even after my recent fall before YHWH and the community… This goes to show how hard it can be at times to continue living for YHWH, if anyone tells you that God will make your life easy at all times then I would easily say they are lying to you and themselves while providing that cotton candy flavor of deceit, because the bible is chuck full hardship times even for Jesus Christ. The book of (Job) is chuck full of hardship that shows proof in the bible that YHWH, will allow hardship.

The hand gesture in the video below is sign language for (I Love You)


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