Morning Prayer: Lord Let Your Holy River Of Fire Flow Through All Your Children

Author note from Andrew, If you leave an reply I will either reply later this evening or tomorrow for I am going to be away visiting my mom most of the day in the hospital and I will have spotty internet within the hospital.

Join Me In Today’s Morning Prayer!

Abba, (Father) I (Insert your name into prayer) let the Holy fire flow through my thoughts, my actions, and my words, today as I start my day with you on my mind Lord, Jesus Christ, Lead me to people today as I go about my day for there is always time to be fishermen of souls… Lord, guide me to the word of God today that you would like me to read and meditate upon throughout the day Lord. Lord as the devil hunts everyday to deceive and devour let my footprints and hand prints leave a Holy Fire imprint where you direct me today in the spiritual realm so the devil knows one of your many children (Souljaz of Hope) has already claimed the area where the devil understands he must move on for the Holy Fire in the spiritual realm leaves a river of Holy Fire blocking the devil from entering, in the precious name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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