Journal Entry: It Can Only Get Better From Here Onward

Hello Everyone Welcome! To Both New And Returning Readers

I’m in Whoa stage right now this morning I awoke Spent time with YHWH, been boldly praying for weeks now that the Lord, would release me from the attacks of the devil, or to at least strengthen me, so I could press forward, because it is not easy to get on here write these prayers and motivational posts at times when the devil and life issues are chasing upon the heels of my feet… Since I was a teenager I had the passion for writing. I love the art form of writing taking a blank canvas and creating a picture with words… This many years later images and videos on the internet add to that element and enrich the art form of writing.

As many know when I was a teenager I committed suicide, the doctor told the nurse to call time on me and I laid upon that hospital bed for 1 hr or a little more. My soul was gone from my body on earth, I was heading to hell, and as I got near the gate door of hades (hell) I screamed out Jesus if you love me (Yes, I felt unlovable at the time) and can use me then please save me… YHWH, was done with me judgement was written on the wall of judgement, But Jesus pleaded for me and here I am, I have brain damage from being dead for 1 hr, I can see God is restoring my brain on His timing, the brain damage still affects to be able to write at times.

Back to what I was trying to convey here. This morning I was going about my morning routine and I sensed the Holy Spirit was trying to get my attention so I just paused and I heard a still whisper in my mind, today is the day new doors are going to open and the website is going to get much more traffic. which it did triple the traffic that S.o.H website had days prior Yep, been praying for that too! I want everyone to know about God’s love. 😊

Here it is quite late in the night 11:00 pm here and a few hours ago I broke down in front of Ana, just balling my eye’s out from the pressure within and Ana, as supportive as she can be since she had a major stroke prayed for me, and then about 1 hr later Donna, a sister through Jesus Christ, left a prayer in the comment section of a previous post and it was pretty much the same core message Ana, was trying to convey to God, Ana, has a hard time speaking. both prayers worded slightly different but same core prayer message to God that Ana, started out with. It became very obvious to me that the Holy Spirit was the drive behind the two different prayers but also both prayers aligned with God’s message to me this morning within my mind I had not shared that message with anyone.

Before I jump off here I would like to say thank you To Ana, and Donna, for their heartfelt prayers, it is truly kind of them, I also want to thank Jesus Christ, for sparing me from hell, I was waist deep into the gates of hell, when a very big bright index finger and thumb placed my soul back into my body back here on earth… I may soon write another Journal post about that experience it surely was a painful one but at the same time a story of mercy from Jesus Christ, because I was there in hell halfway through the gate and here I am because Jesus Christ,

6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

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  1. It’s early in the morning here in the u.k.
    You have good Christian support in Ana and Donna, and I’m glad that their prayers were such a blessing to you.
    I would love to hear about your earlier experiences – it would be such a great testimony. 🙏 🙌

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