Soulja Nation Join Me As We March The Land In Spirit For YHWH

Souljaz of Hope of YHWH, Hear within God saying Arise and March Join me in watching the video below as we place our minds upon the real King Jesus Christ, as we, also desire to do His work here on earth through various methods that YHWH, has placed on the tablets of our hearts in a fearless fashion that is in accordance to YHWH’s will.

Caution Video May Cause Seizure


Father God, I come before you today, to awaken our minds our hearts to bring the Love of Jesus Christ, to this spiritual war torn world. Awake the boldness within us that not even the devil can compete against, Help us become the voice for the many voiceless, I invoke the calling of the Holy Spirit right now upon all Souljaz of Hope of YHWH, throughout all nations! Awake their call unto you YHWH as they complete daily worship with every word they speak, every action they complete, and every thought that is wholesome unto you Lord,

Rise up your mighty army of Souljaz of Hope, a new breed of Souljaz unto you YHWH, that is fearless for you Lord, YHWH you say fear NOT! Lead us Lord as FEARLESS SOULJAZ of HOPE, help us shine the torch bright so bright that everyone sees us, coming from a far distance, that as we, march upon hades (hell) roof the pits of hades experience an earthquake in hell that our sandals of peace from your Godly armor provides as we, march to find lost souls and as we, also strengthen the body of Christ, In Jesus Christ, mighty name I invoke the call to you YHWH, empower your Souljaz of Hope, and that you will also invoke the new boldness within those Souljaz of you YHWH, for this NOT just a ministry but, a MOVEMENT that Your Son Jesus Christ, started and WE, as Souljaz of Hope continue Amen.

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  1. Yes and amen! Thank You Lord for this powerful prayer through Your son, Andrew. I pray that You would shower him with Your presence. Let him feel Your holy power and strength coursing through his veins. May he continue to be empowered from on high to accomplish Your will for his life. May everything he says and everything he does be in total alignment with Your word, will and call on his life. May he know peace, that true and wonderful peace that only You can give while walking through some of our darkest moments on this earth.
    I declare that the enemy has no rights or holds on him or his family and that satan you and your demons must flee from my brother Andrew in Jesus name. Who are you to think that you (satan) can thwart the will or power of God? I laugh at that. You are by no means a match for our Lord’s might and power. You know your end and your time is short, but I command you in the name of Jesus to keep your hands off of Andrew. Andrew is released in Jesus name to accomplish Yahweh’s miraculous plans for his life. Thank You Lord Jesus.
    Walk in the fullness of His power brother. Love in Christ, your sister Donna

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    1. Thank you Donna, I’m humbled by your prayer, Ana, just said a similar prayer about 1 hr ago… I am like “Whoa” because two different individuals with very similar prayers and each individual didn’t know until now… So I know it was purely Holy Spirit driven in both you and Ana,

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