Real Talk: Let God Show You, Your Real Identity Through Jesus Christ,

Hello Everyone Welcome! To Both New And Returning Readers

Almost 7 months now has been a roller coaster ride for me in life, God presented this video to my attention back in September of 2019

Back in January I didn’t know how to become a new creation through Jesus Christ, I just knew God knew how! So, I set out from being a people pleaser to becoming the person I was born to become through the death of Jesus Christ, Honestly I don’t recognize the old me much anymore and the new me just wrote this on Facebook

To Whom That have made judgement towards me, You are not me I dare you to live a year in my life shoes and deal with the pressure within my mind, and see if you can handle life, or just end up, giving up… Because the pressure within is so great… I’m doing the best I can in life right now and right now is temporary because I choose to keep moving forward to make better life decisions and betterment life atmosphere for my life, I am waiting upon God’s timing NOT my timing to make some very bold moves in my life,

I have many times over tried to make changes and bold moves in my life, upon, my own timing and it made a bigger mess, I’m sure many can relate to that life aspect…

Proverbs 16:9
The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

I don’t care if anyone places judgement against me, I actually forgive you, and I am not keeping record, but rest assure God is and if anyone that has placed judgement against me or anyone else for that matter if, you don’t repent and stop that behavior then rest assure those judgement moments will come back to bit you, I don’t wish that for anyone. I’m not angered I’m providing real talk here because I’ve been to actual hell in life, I have experienced YHWH’s judgement on the way to hell it is actually scary because YHWH holds nothing back if your soul becomes damned to hell…

Jesus offers life, as individuals we must be willing to walk away from sin, and align our free will with God (YHWH) As an individual if you end up in hell you got no one to blame but yourself, just like I had no one to blame but myself, I’m here to give you this hard message because Jesus Christ, spared me last minute as my soul was halfway through the gates of hades.

I apologize before God, for any judgement I have done in life against others. I have repent from such life habit because it is not of you Lord, teach me to have a bigger heart to retain the Love of Jesus deeper unto others and love them wherever they are in life, Amen.

I posted this video with that message

The old me would never write like that on Facebook out of fear what others would think of me or even write the posts I have written in these past 6 months, I told, Ana, just before I got on here to write that I recognize the boldness taking place within but I also need to Learn through the Word of YHWH, and life lessons to have a more even balance with that boldness, this boldness is like figuring out a new voice, a voice within that was always there from God, but was buried within from fear,

My hopes are that by me sharing this with you that what I shared can encourage you to find your voice through God, Because if I can do it You can do it also!!!

Join Me In Prayer,

Abba, (Father) I’m (insert your name into prayer) sorry for my sinful lifestyle I want to invite your Son, Jesus Christ, into my life, Lord, my life is full of pain and I’m very broken right now but I’m tired of hurting others and judging others from that brokenness within me, I want to become a better version of myself through You Lord, I want to learn to not judge or hate, but meet others with Love from Christ, and an understanding heart over a judging heart towards others. Amen.

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  1. Amen. I thank God for your continued boldness and power that He gave you to help others to rise up and be who God created them to be. We need to be using our gifts for His glory, not burying them. Thank you for your words and prayers that come from your heart and draw us closer to the Lord. May His favor be upon you.

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    1. Thank you Donna, for your kind words.

      Lord, I lift Donna, up to you Lord right now I request that you strengthen her boldness for you Lord, I also request you make more room for her heart to store your love so she has a bounty of your love to give unto others as she receives from you Lord. Amen.

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