Giving Up Is Not An Option

Welcome! To S.o.H,

Yep, I’m guilty of going through a public fall even before the Lord, It was actually the Holy Spirit that said enough is enough. About a week ago the Holy Spirit said to me please hand over the keys to the platform God has entrusted you with… At that point I had no Idea what God was going to do with this platform.

In the end I had to fall to be refocused I had to journey alone to follow God’s GPS for my own faith walk so I can become a blessing towards others for Jesus Christ. Because souls matter to God the most… Last night I was crying again telling God how I wasn’t qualified to run the S.o.H, platform and this is what God had to say about it!

God, Andrew, (Son) I know and understand your heart was in the right place but you were misguided by the pain within you, I’m not looking for the qualified I am looking for the willing… Son, in a symbolic way after you handed me the keys to the platform within 3 days I crashed the traffic to the website all the way down to “0” Here Son, here is a new set of keys to a symbolic vehicle. I, YHWH, approve of, that will bring this platform to new heights through the handling of the Holy Spirit as your guidance to write content about Jesus Christ, which will in return the Holy Spirit will navigate the tight turns in life that seem impossible to steer through and as you keep following the guidance of the Holy Spirit the platform will go through upgrades unlocking more of your calling laid upon you from Heaven.

I kept trying to drift through the tight turns in life and I kept crashing and the crashes were becoming more and more, I realize now this is no longer an option of an one man team God also has to be part of the team as well. The Holy Spirit needs to be in the driver seat of the S.o.H, platform… I apologize for my actions and words. I know admitting to this, that it, places me in the spotlight of being fake, the Lord knows deep down this wasn’t my intentions but I let the pain of past events with “Christians” turning their back on me when I needed spiritual guidance the most in life drive me in the wrong direction. If I have to be in the spotlight of looking fake before others then so be it! to lift Jesus up as the focus point… I say this because it was the Holy Spirit in the background of this platform that directed me to an child of the most high God (YHWH) and this person didn’t run they listened and seek’d the Holy Spirit for an on the spot battle plan. That battle plan at the time was getting my spiritual bullet ridden body to the battlefield Hospital as that person got into the muddy spiritual trenches and dragged me out as I was helpless before them and the Lord…

The action of this Soulja of Hope, brought forth hope back into me when I was feeling hopeless… To be honest I was expecting the worse because I was guilty of betrayal before the Lord, but this person refuse to let an child of God remain there wounded they had the attitude before the Lord no Soulja left behind.

I believe this person had a heads up from God because weeks before I fell they started to pray that the devil would back off and let go… Let go the devil did but it took me to let the fall happen. Then when I privately contacted this person a Soulja of God, and explained what had happen they directed me to scripture pertaining to the situation and encouraged me that God still loved me and would forgive… I have never experienced a person with such Christ-like attitude of love like that before.

I’m not fully ready to write yet but the Holy Spirit said I needed to write this post to take ownership of my wrong doings of trying to bring this platform forward with my own strength because at that time frame I was struggling to trust the Lord with all of me. This past week I have walked through situations where it was either trust the Lord all the way or continue to fall… I believe God will break the spiritual chains associated to my fall and in-return this will make the future of this platform a display of the true love of Jesus for everyone.


Abba, I’m sorry for my wrong doings and misguided words. I humble myself before you Lord, and asked for you to help heal anyone I caused pain within… This was not my intentions but I must take ownership for my words and actions to move forward! for there is Souls that need to hear about you to be set free as well… Lord help me to become the person I need to become so I can encourage with the guidance of the Holy Spirit so they can learn to be someone through the Love of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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    1. Hello Janki Raichura, thank you for stopping by my hopes are your day today is blessed I encourage you to return if you would like to learn how to have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ!


  1. Hi Andrew, Never, never give up and keep telling that devil to get behind you. I’m glad you have someone close to you to encourage you – that is such a precious gift to have. I can honestly say that since getting to know you, albeit online, I very quickly knew that you are a genuine Christian person and not fake in any way at all.
    Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days to comment and ‘like’ – I’m attempting to come off some very strong painkillers that I’ve been on for a long time and I feel very weak and not really up to joining in much with the blogs … but when I saw your post today, I couldn’t let it go without commenting.
    You are so loved by God and Donna is right – God never calls the qualified. You just have to consider the disciples of Jesus to know that. Keep on keeping on. xx

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    1. Hello Lesley, Thank you for your kind words, I’m also humbled by your words as well.

      Lesley I am sorry to hear about your struggle I would like to lift this situation before the Lord and rest on this blog…

      Father, Lesley is struggling with the elements the painkillers have caused in their body, Oh Lord, you are the author of our lives and bodies and I request for your authorship to override the elements of what the painkillers are causing within the body and that Lesley will feel you in the midst of the process of healing that comes from your Sovereign hands. Amen…

      Lesley I’m believing for God’s hand in this situation in your life right now… You are dearly missed but also understand you need a moment of recuperation to regain strength… I will add you to my prayer list…

      God bless to you and your family 😊

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      1. Thank you so much, Andrew. I appreciate your prayers. I’m taking on board the advice to rest and recuperate. It really does help. 🙏

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  2. Amen. Thank You Father God, that You don’t call the qualified, rather You qualify the called. Thank You for placing Andrew in this position to bring healing to others through his openness and devotion to You. Bless him and Ana as they continue walking in Your path. You are awesome in these Your children. Praise You Lord God Almighty. In Jesus name.

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    1. Amen! Yes! Thank you father because it is not about the fall it is about the journey of becoming everything a person can become through Jesus Christ, I was afraid of such before but it must truly be FAITH over fear, for the bible says not to fear…

      10 So do not fear, for I am with you;
      do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
      I will strengthen you and help you;
      I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

      Father I trust you to grow this platform to be a blessing to others and to raise them towards your Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

      Thank you Donna, for your prayer support! Jesus Christ, appreciates it and I,and Ana, appreciate it as well….

      God bless to you and your family in Jesus mighty name.

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