Restart, It Is All Gone

Welcome To S.o.H

I’m dearly sorry that I affected others, I cannot deny that aspect happen all I can do is place my focus upon Jesus and be guided by the Holy Spirit and the word of God, I truly appreciate the comments everyone took time to write here at SoH but the comments had to go because the Holy Spirit asked me to get rid of the old content and start over… I’m sorry my past actions caused such result.

I’m looking forward to moving Forward for Jesus and hoping to regain trust and new comments will come because the person is inspired to comment. But I must stand up as a man before the Lord Jesus Christ, and you guys before moving forward can begin! This will be my last post of sorry all posts going forward will be what the Holy Spirit lays upon my heart to write, as of this post the Holy Spirit ask me to write as well to own up for I had past history of just running from my mistakes and burying those failures…

No More! Ownership must be taken so realness can flourish before the Lord Almighty! I’ll admit this is hard for me but, it must be done because running is no longer an option the devils attacks cannot not even be an ounce of focus for it surely will become a distraction. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, this MUST be where the focus remains…

My past lifestyle of trying to move forward in my own strength did nothing but cause stress daily I was letting the haters get in my mind… The haters may be look Andrew, fell but did I really? because God is giving mercy, forgiveness, and the strength to stand back up again SoH, hasn’t ended it surely could have because God had that right for sure to close the doors and change the locks here at SoH, but instead God said to me.

God, Son, get back up I forgive you, learn from this and place your focus upon, my Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, will get you past this, I know as God this fall caught your attention now allow it to remain on Jesus, trust through faith like never before and the platform will promote my Son, Jesus on a much higher level… Oh Son, I know your heart is sadden you hurt me like this, but I as the great “I AM” can handle it and it doesn’t change my love for you! Now Soulja of Hope, go tell people about Jesus! and how He remains the true Soulja of Hope, unto all of mankind.

God has been pointing out for months now that so many individuals struggle to truly understand how to live as a Child of God, I asked God if this blog theme should be like a boot camp theme that trains others how to live for Jesus at their fullest… I really don’t know the Holy Spirit’s request at this point because the Holy Spirit said to me the focus has to be about Jesus and not writing right now… When I do come back to writing more I believe it will be better and the content will become stronger on the focus of Jesus!

Thank you to everyone that has remained now it is time time to really show this World Who Jesus really is…

Abba, Thank you forgiving me, I forgive myself as well, I forgive the enemies that have come forth to go against the purpose here which is to promote Jesus, Lord I was blinded and became one of those enemies as well towards Jesus as well… This mess will show the fact Jesus is not afraid to reach into the darkness of a persons life to reach them Amen.

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