Slow! Down For Jesus Pt1

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Are you starring right at the next train wreck that is coming your way because you are trying to get ahead of God?.

I’m sharing this Journal entry in hopes it helps you grow closer to Jesus Christ, where you consider operating out of God’s (YHWH) strength over your own. The issue I’m speaking of happen early in July 2020 and I have gone before the Lord, and have repent.

Hello to everyone!

Oh boy, have I experienced the above statement to many times in my life span. It is because I’m the type of person I’m either all in or all out with the core race and modify the rest on the go. This type of attitude leaves no room for God, to be apart of a persons life, because the person wants it done on their timing and they are not willing to slow down to let God take the lead…

What Does Letting God Take The Lead Look Like?

Umm, you probably not going to like the answer, I sure didn’t at first either. The answer is pulling over and letting the Holy Spirit take over the driver set and take lead in your life. So, Yeah! that answer doesn’t set well with go getter type individuals ( I have the go getter personality) been around many individuals with the same core value which is stop at nothing and push forward to get it down at all cost.

I lived by the motto without God, being involved and that motto was “Go Big or Go Home” trying to live by such motto without God being in the driver seat didn’t end well… The Holy Spirit actually shut down Soulja of Hope platform for almost 2 weeks and the Holy Spirit came to me and said you have only two options.

  1. Keep going the way you are and lose the calling God placed upon you,
  2. Let the Holy Spirit, have the driver seat and watch how God navigates the tight turns in life.

Letting The Holy Spirit Have The Opportunity To Be the Driving Force

When God said to me in a symbolic aspect hand over the keys to the S.o.H platform, I felt as if God was taking a project child from me that I had worked so hard these past 7 months to fine tune like a fine tuned tuner car

But even though everything appeared or seemed on the upside I was crashing at every corner I tried to drift through that life had to throw at me. I was a train wreck that had no breaks and the Holy Spirit said God has the following message for me, Oh Boy, I’m about to get spanked by God,

24 Whoever spares the rod hates their children,
but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. Proverbs 13:24

God’s message to me

God: Son, (Pyrx) how dare you stab Jesus Christ, in the back my only perfect Son, in the Judas way. Pyrx, wasn’t it Jesus that pulled you out of hell and went the extra mile to be your spiritual lawyer, when I Jehovah, had placed righteous judgement against you, I wasn’t going to reverse my Righteous judgement against you for you had forsaken me as Lord, I had NOT forsaken you.

Wasn’t it Jesus that had your judgement reversed because Jesus attains power of life and death? How could you Pyrx, be so stubborn to ignore the Holy Spirit, when the Holy Spirit called out to you on many occasions to realign yourself with the will of the most high Lord on the throne of Heaven. Do you not realize I, the great “I AM” that gives can also take away!? Is this what you want for me to take the calling away from you and send you back to hell? Jesus spared you from hell to lead others to Jesus, Are you doing such? or faking such!

Son, I love you! but stand down and walk away from the S.o.H platform and I will be in touch through the Holy Spirit, You’ll need to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance as a GPS to get out of this mess and to push forward as I help you stand back up after this major fall. Son, don’t do this again I will not be mocked like this without more harsh punishment next time… Asking you to stand down is me showing you mercy! because I love you and I believe I now have your attention to help you refocus unto Jesus Christ, and not yourself anymore.

My Response

The message above was hard to hear from God, but I knew deep down it was me that was purely 100% wrong… That very evening I went outside and sat with Ana, and just cried I couldn’t live with my actions I had done against God, at this point because Jesus literally pulled me out of actual hell and I backstab Him in a Judas way. I felt as if there was no return from this because God, exposed me that I had lost heart writing about God and I kept going in my own strength faking it until I made it… Not the right option. and I didn’t make it either I got exposed publicly by God.

Continue to Slow! Down For Jesus Pt2

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