Slow! Down For Jesus Pt2

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Jesus Christ, truly loves everyone and is willing to meet with individuals during their darkest moments in life to display that true love.

I’m sharing this Journal entry in hopes it helps you grow closer to Jesus Christ, where you consider operating out of God’s (YHWH) strength over your own. The issue I’m speaking of happen early in July 2020 and I have gone before the Lord, and have repent.

Hello to everyone!

If you haven’t read part 1 yet I recommend starting there for part 2 to make sense.

In the last post I left off where God got InTouch with me and exposed me, this is how the Holy Spirit guided me to get out of the mess I was in… About 4 days had gone by I was praying constantly but I couldn’t hear God reply back even though I was reading the bible more and praying more… On the 5 th day the Holy Spirit said go and contact your friends and family members via private message that read the posts on S.o.H and tell them you are sorry and that you did wrong and then write a blog post and then delete 300 + posts even though you started out through the strength of God… Do this to show repent and that you are serious to fix this matter…

I did such but hesitated for 2 days I did finally obey and the feed back I was getting back was expected because I broke trust and was exposed as a false teacher… I couldn’t shake off the fact that Jesus Christ, during my teenager years that Jesus saved me by pulling me out of hell and yet I betrayed Jesus in the Judas way… I was letting the thought of what I had done get the best of me and it was stressing me out.

That stress I allowed by being fixated on what I had done open doors for the devil to attack me and the lies begin to flood my mind… There was one friend I still did not contact because I was afraid of losing them as a friend. I already had friends that say they are Christian turn their backs on me and left me out to hang dry by making comments like this mess is to dirty for me to get involved to even hear about… Really I thought one of the many aspects of being a Christian is about not shunning other Christians when they fall if their trying to make it right before the Lord… Jesus wouldn’t do such, but humans are not perfect like Jesus either. But this exposed their willingness for the Lord as well not judging just saying their words and actions gave insight into how true of a friend, sister, brother, they really are through Jesus Christ.

This aspect was hard for me to swallow at the time and the stress was becoming heavier and I felt I couldn’t turn to God, my girl Ana, was kindly saying you can stand back up you’ll need to dig deeper this time to Soulja up for God. I was so depressed mad depressed I told Ana, thank you for the encouragement and I told her, I’m going to the park to clear my mind. This was not my true intentions at all… I had taken pills with me I was going to off myself and go back to hell where I felt I truly belonged… Oh, the lies from the pits of hell that day was so heavy my mind was spinning out of control..

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My Girl Ana, A True Blessing From God

Ana, everyday encourages me to Soulja up another day for God, she prays to the Father everyday to strengthen me as I do my best to get the S.o.H platform off the ground beyond just a blog with the strength of YHWH, the Love of Jesus Christ, being the focus point and the Holy Spirit’s guidance…

Pyrx’z Prayer

Abba, thank you for not forsaking me even though I was guilty of such. Lord, thank you for the event that took place at the park bench that day because of you Lord, I’m here to talk about this to expose the devil and to display Jesus truly loves mankind even though Jesus gets the raw end daily from many people. Oh Lord, please as I continue to write this turn it into a testimony of Jesus and His great love for mankind because many don’t truly understand the love of Jesus. Amen!

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