Slow! Down For Jesus Pt3

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Jesus Christ, truly loves everyone and is willing to meet with individuals during their darkest moments in life to display that true love.

I’m sharing this Journal entry in hopes it helps you grow closer to Jesus Christ, where you consider operating out of God’s (YHWH) strength over your own. The issue I’m speaking of happen early in July 2020 and I have gone before the Lord, and have repent.

Hello to everyone!

If you haven’t read part 1 yet I recommend starting there for part 2 and part 3 to make sense.

Hello Everyone!

In part 2 I left off where the Spiritual attacks where so heavy that it left my mind spinning I was sitting on the park bench still hadn’t contacted the last friend that is a Christian also because I was listening to the devils lies that other so called Christians had washed their hands of me I couldn’t bring myself to add to the pain I was already feeling and I didn’t want to lose our new friendship… As I was sitting at the park bench I cried out to God and said if this can be fixed then please show me or I’m going back to hell where I believe I truly belong and should have not been pulled from as a teenager.

About 5 mins went by and I was working myself up to do myself in and this white butterfly flew by my face and the thought of what Ana, said late spring early summer of this year… Ana, said to me look a white butterfly a sign from God, things are going to be okay! as I sat at the bench the white butterfly landed near me and I just started to cry harder… Then the Holy Spirit said to me Jesus doesn’t want you back in hell the very hell He saved you from Pyrx, you made a promise to God, back in January of 2020 that you would Soulja up no matter what that cost is. Pyrx go and contact that last friend let them know pour it out before them God is working in the background.

If anyone is wondering about the hand gesture in the above video it is sign language for I love you for the hard of hearing I’ve used the hand gesture 🤟🏻 a lot for I have a deaf family member…

I was ready for this person to leave me out to hang dry as well, I was ready for anything nasty that could or would be said… I was completely caught off guard… When I contacted this person one of the many readers here at S.o.H, the person listened and they could tell, I wasn’t wearing God’s armor and I was spiritually shot up full of spiritual bullet wounds… This person this Friend! jumped into the spiritual trenches and told me we are getting you back to Jesus right away… The person (friend) started sharing scripture with me and prayed with me they had the attitude they where going to drag my limp spiritual body to the battlefield hospital so doctor Jesus Christ, could revive me, I was spiritually in trouble and this person (friend) noticed and took action the action of no Soulja left behind.

I told my friend just leave me for it wasn’t their mess instead they armored up with the mighty armor of God, and grab their sword (the word of God) and took action! This friend actually sent me this video below when I begged them to just leave me in the spiritual trenches wounded as I was spiritually bleeding out.

This friend showed me that day what a “Warriah 4 Christ” truly looks like by imitating Jesus Christ. Not many Christians now days are warrior minded for Jesus Christ! but this friend, also a S.o.H reader displayed such and I’m truly thankful for their Christ, like actions when I betrayed them as a friend and one of the many readers of S.o.H… Thank you! friend and sibling through Jesus Christ. I truly appreciate what you did for God that night!

Pyrx’z Prayer

Abba, Thank you for this friend that was willing to get their hands dirty for you Lord, this friend wasn’t taking just leave me here as the solution they lifted me up before the Lord, screaming Lord, incoming I have a wounded Soulja of yours He has guilt upon him but Lord, He needs your forgiveness, mercy, and your love Jesus Pyrx, is in bad shape. Lord thank you for this friend because their action help restore hope in me that I am forgiven and you Jesus truly have mercy, and love Amen!

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