Addressing A Misconception

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This also something I shared on Facebook and I’m sharing the message her via the S.o.H website to bring the message in front of more individuals for Jesus Christ!

As of lately I’ve had more than one individual tell me they are witnessing God driving bold moves in my life and writing bold content through me… Nobody but I, knows the true sacrifice I have had to make so far and continue to make for God, I’m not complaining but instead writing this message because many individuals say to me,

I wish I could be bold and on fire for Jesus Christ, like you are Pyrx, You can be bold and on fire for Jesus Christ, Question to ask yourself, why you stopping yourself??? I’ve been told recently on more than one occasion I wish I could follow your boldness for Jesus, Pyrx, I think and say NO! Follow Jesus Christ, the only true King, the only reason God is displaying bold moves and writings through me is because I align, my free will to align with YHWH’s will in Heaven… Following God’s desires over my own desires even though very hard at times.

Being an authentic Christian (not a fake one) for Jesus will cost you big time because Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we must be willing also to suffer for Jesus it is only fair… Each person has a unique calling upon their life and no other human can fulfill that uniqueness like the individual that is called by God to complete… So, any individual that tried to mimic the same bold levels I bring for Jesus would not attain the same results reaching souls, because God designed it this way so there is a diverse body of Christ, to reach souls in different aspects that lead back to Jesus, for some souls are put off by the boldness, I bring to the table,

I know a Christian, that brings meekness, in a unique way to the table for God, and there is no way I can bring the same meekness to the table for God like this person does… Everyone can be bold and meek for Jesus going out to make disciples but everyone has their unique way from God to do such.

Never follow me, by mimicking my success through Jesus Christ, I’m just human like the rest I have no special abilities or super powers I just have Heavens authority, YHWH’s Power and Jesus Christ’s example to imitate Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ, is the true Legend here and I follow suit after His legacy nothing more nothing less, there is no secret success life sauce. Jesus Christ, is the only option to be successful as you work for Heaven as God’s child and worker imitating Jesus Christ,

Pyrx’z Prayer

Father, Thank you individuals are starting to see less of me, and more of Jesus through the words I say and the actions I complete daily… Oh Lord, I asked for a great Soul rival a soul awakening so more individuals come to realize their true identity through Jesus Christ, so they can also begin their journey for Jesus Christ, and begin to soul hunt and make disciples with the authority of Heaven backing them in Jesus mighty name, Amen!

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